10 Business Ideas for Mechanical Engineers in 2020

So are you searching for Business Ideas to start as a Mechanical engineer then you in the right place.

Here are 10 Business Ideas for Mechanical Engineers.

1. Auto part store

Auto Part Store

As a trained Mechanical Engineer, you would most definitely be able to identify quality spare parts.

You could open a spare parts store in your area for the people who need to replace damaged parts in their vehicles.

Make sure that there are some car garage in the area where you want to start an auto part store so that if that mechanic suggests a car driver to replace any part of the car they can easily find your store.

You can also tie-up with 2 or 3 garage mechanics to send their customer to your store to buy spare parts and other auto parts.

Requirements for this Business

  • Place nearby any Garage
  • Good wholesaler which can provide you auto parts in really low rates
  • Skills to know any part used in automobile or other vehicles so that you can provide them the perfect product they need
  • Maintaining Good relations with your tie ups.

2. Become a Tutor or Lecturer

Tutoring one of the best way to make money during Coronavirus lockdown

If you have an interest in teaching and if you have good communications skills then you can easily become a lecturer in Mechanical Engineering Universities and this is one of the best Business Ideas for Mechanical Engineers 

Or you can set up your own Mechanical Engineering Institute to train Mechanical Engineering Students.

You can also start a Youtube channel to teach people who are interested in Mechanical Engineering and it can also help you to reach more people.

Besides that, you can even make a lot of money from Youtube.

Requirements for this Business

  • Good communications skills so that you can explain what’s on your mind
  • Degree or a professional certificate so that you can easily get job in Universities
  • Strategic planning for your Business as well as for the students in your Institute
  • E-learning apps or systems, this will help your student to learn faster as well as for solving their doubts and it can also make your Institute unique from other
  • This is one of the best Business Ideas for Mechanical Engineers who doesn’t have some capital to start Business.

3. Waste Management

Waste Management

The Waste Management Industry is very huge and as a Mechanical Engineers, there are a lot of opportunities for you in the waste management Industry.

You can help the government and many private companies to design and construct machines that would make waste disposal and recycling easier.

Many companies are also using the concept of recycled plastic to make some of their products to reduce pollution you can also help such companies to make more and more products using this concept.

You can also start teaching how anyone can recycle plastic at home, if you will search this term on youtube you can see lots of videos with more than 1 million views.

There are many opportunities in this field as well the thing is you just have to start.

Requirements for this Business

  • Good contact with some companies
  • Communications and presentation skills

4. House appliances Installation and repairing

Another Business Ideas for Mechanical Engineers is to install Air conditioning, ventilation systems in house and huge companies. 

You can also help people to repair their Electric appliances like air conditioners, refrigerators, Washing Machines, grinders etc.

If you will make a team of some engineers and Mechanics then you can also take a contract from Huge corporates and Industries to install all the electric appliances in their offices.

You can also contact with Hospitals, private companies, Small Businesses, Schools and colleges etc.

Requirements for this Business

  • Team of Engineers or Mechanics if you really want to grow you Business exponentially
  • Good Communications skills to convince huge companies.
  • Capital as per your need
  • Teamwork

5. Vehicle repairing and modifying Business

Car Modifying

There is a huge craze of modifying cars and bikes in today’s young generation you can help such people by modifying their cars and other vehicles according to their wish or need and you can also repair damaged cars and other motor vehicles.

If you live in big cities of India then you might know some of the big modifying companies like DC Design, Ashish Modifications, SD offroaders etc. 

Just in Maharashtra, there are more than 4 Car Modification companies and DC design modification company in Mumbai earns revenue of more than 20 Million.

So you can imagine the scope in this field, you just need skills and the will start and to not give up. 

Requirements for this Business

  • Right location and place for setting up your garage
  • Good Marketing for attracting people
  • Capital as per your need or Budget
  • Good Manpower with right skills
  • Good Quality work and innovation
  • Proper strategizing and study of competitor Business

6. Automobile Showroom

Car Showroom

This is a high capital Business Idea but if you have great knowledge and interest in automobiles and you can suggest the best car for anyone according to their Budget then it is the most profitable, scalable and sustainable Business Idea for you.

You can also sell Car accessories to your customers such as seat covers, car speakers, car window cleaner, tyres, air purifier, car freshener, car cover etc.

Requirements for this Business

  • The right location for setting up Car showroom
  • Manpower
  • Car dealership
  • Capital or Investment
  • Good Wholesaler for car accessories

7. Mechanical Engineering Consultancy firm

Mechanical Engineer Business

Another smart Business Idea is to start a consultancy Business to offer support to industries and companies in need of Mechanical Engineering services.

You can also apply for jobs in Mechanical Engineering consultancy firm if you are not comfortable or able to run a company.

Your salary may vary according to the organisation you will join and the country or state where you live.

      • For more information about Mechanical Engineering consultancy firm click here

Requirements for this Business

  • Capital if you are willing to start a company
  • Manpower
  • Leadership
  • Profound knowledge and experience of Mechanical Engineering

8. Solar panel Building and installation

Solar Panel Installation

This is the Business that can do well in any country in the world because everyone in the world people is looking for alternative sources of power to cut high energy cost.

The global solar energy market was valued at $52.5 billion in 2018 and is projected to reach $223.3 billion by 2026.

It is a great opportunity for an Engineer like you in this Industry. You can also sell such solar devices as there is less competition.

There is much less awareness in the people about solar devices, therefore, there are fewer buyers and less competition in this industry and if you want to make huge profits from this Business Then you have to make people aware of benefits of solar devices.

Requirements for this Business

  • Not much Investment
  • Innovations and creative mindset
  • Making awareness about solar devices

9. Developing Household Gadgets

As a Mechanical Engineer, you can easily develop household gadgets like a vacuum cleaner, blenders, speakers and several other gadgets.

Later you can also start your own company if your gadgets are really helpful to people and you can also design your new gadgets and machines which can help people in their daily works.

Innovation is really very important as henry ford (founder of ford Automobile) once said if I have asked people what do you want, they may have said a fast horse and he made a fast horse that is a car.

So, keep Innovating.

Requirements for this Business

  • Creative and innovative mindset
  • Deep knowledge about what you are making
  • If you are just selling such things without making anything by own then you must focus on Marketing

10. Machine Designing

Design is a very important factor of any machine, as a Mechanical your mind should be creative and innovative so that you can be able to such companies.

There are many software available in market so that you can design a 3d model of anything you want to make.  

You can help many companies if you have good knowledge of such software and a creative brain.

If you have made a creative and unique of design of any machine or simple smartphone then you can patent it on your name

Requirements for this Business

  • Perfect skills to use 3d object designing software
  • Creative and innovative mind

Last Words

Are you still reading this article it means you are really interested in starting a Business so click here if you want to know a step by step process to start a Business.

These were top 10 Business Ideas for Mechanical Engineers according to my research, if you know some more such Business Ideas then please tell us to know in the comment.

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