9 Best Domain Registrar in India 2020

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Are you searching for the best domain registrar to buy a domain and start your Online Business or Blog then you are on right place today we are going to see 9 Best Domain registrars in India and to tell you the best domain registrar I’m not an expert or something like that but I’m running this website startuptadka.com almost from a year and I think now I have quite good knowledge about Domains, Hostings, and such stuff so let’s start but before that make sure to read the cheat sheet of important points before you choose your Domain name and important points to note before choosing Domain Registrar 


 important points before you choose your Domain name

  • It should be short and catchy recommended under two words 
  • Your domain shouldn’t have trademark issues 
  • It is recommended to don’t have numbers in your domain 

important points to note before choosing Domain Registrar 

  • Pricing: If you have only one Domain then to pay 100 RS more can be a small thing but when you have 10 to 15 Domains then that 100 Rs also become a considerable amount and if you are just starting then you might only but 1 Domain but afterward you might be willing to buy a lot of them for reselling them or for any other use. So the price of Domain is a very important factor to consider before choosing you Domain registrar 
  • Active chat support 

Note: Before starting up with our list of 9 Best Domain Registrar let you tell you that I have given you the pricing of all registrar in this form =  cheap, Medium and Expensive, So on what basis I have divided them, So let’s see around 

So normally you can get a .com or .in Domain in India around 1000 Rs and if you are getting it under 1000 Rs then  I have written cheap and if you are getting in 1000 to 1200 Rs then I have written Medium and if you are getting any .com or .in Domain for more than 1200 Rs then I have written expensive 

1. Godaddy

Godaddy is the biggest Domain and Hosting Company in the world and they have more than 18.5 million customers all over the world, but let’ talk about India, So according to Hindustantimes in 2018 they have surpassed the number of 1 million customers in India and now that have been surely increased because almost 2 years have passed after that news and they have more than 40 percent of market share in Dot IN Domains.

I personally have been using it form a year now and my Domain and hosting both are hosted on Godaddy and I have one more Domain which is also hosted on GoDaddy. SO that’s all about my experience with them and their achievements So not let’s talk about their features and offer they give provide us. 

  • Super-fast chat support and I personally have also chat with them when my promo code was not working. It’s just awesome and if they don’t have someone to talk with you they just directly say that and they request you to wait and you can surely get an expert to chat within some mins or even secs 
  • Good and many Payment Options 
  • C panels 
  • Paid SSL 
  • Whois is not free 
  • Affordable Cost 
  • Renuel fees are slightly higher 

2. NameCheap

It’s an American company based in Los Angeles and they have 11 Registered users and 10 Million Domains, their prices are quite affordable compared to other domain registrar and whois protection is also free, it means that your personal information will be secured and it will not be publicly available personal information means your email, phone no, your name, etc. 

You can get your Domain just at 9 Dollar without SSL and with SSL it will be range from 12 to 13 Dollar which is really very cheap as compared to GoDaddy and another Domain registrars.

  • Affordable price than any other Domain Registrar 
  • Good interface 
  • Live chat Support
  • Strong Backup  
  • Many Payment Options like Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express and PayPal

3. Big Rock

Their pricing is a little bit higher than other Domain Registrar and the founder of this company is Bhavin Turakhai he is one of the serial entrepreneurs in India as well as a Billionaire later he sold this company to Endurance International Group.

If you didn’t want SSL certificate which will secure your website information and whois protection then you can buy a domain from the big rock under 1000 Rs and if you want privacy protection then it will range around 1500 Rs 

4. Google Domains

Google recently started its own Domain registrar and hosting services in 2015 but it was in beta test mode from January 2015 to March 2020 and it has very recently completed its period of beta mode.

Their domain names are also affordable and you can get your domain just in 800 to 900 RS with SSL and whois protection. Many people were not recommending Google domain before some months or years because it was in beta test mode but now you can surely buy DOmains from Google. 

And as well as it is one of the most trusted companies all over the world. So surely give it a chance. 

5. Dream host

Dream host is also one of the most famous and successful companies in web hosting services and they have hosted more than 1.5 Million websites and they provide the most cheapest domains in our list, from Dream host you can buy your domain just for Six Hundred with whois protection and SSL certificate. 

This is the cheapest price for Domains I have ever seen but the price of Dot In Domains is a little bit higher than Dot COM Domains on Dream host. 

6. Blue Host

Blue host is another hosting and web services company owned by Endurance internationally group and they rank in 20 biggest hosting companies all over the world and they have hosted more than 2 Million Domains and it was started in 2003.

Here you can buy a Domain without SSL under 700 to 800 and with SSL around 1100 to 1200. But if you want to buy Dot In Domain then it is little bit cheat and its price is 599

7. HostGator

Hostgator was started back in 2002 in Florida and actually before starting this company the owner of the company was confused about choosing the name of the company either Hostgator or Gatorhost and I really like this name it is pretty attractive and besides that in 2015 entered India to reach more people in Indi and their now their office is in Mumbai.

Their Domain price is a little bit higher than the other and you can buy Dot COM Domain within 1400 to 1500 with SSL and privacy protection, but if you didn’t care about your privacy then you can buy it within 900 to 1000 RS. 

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