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Hii, I am Gaurav founder and owner of startuptadka.com, I’m a blogger and a writer and exactly 4 years ago I started looking for some small Businesses or money making Ideas to make money Online and after reaching for almost 4 years I decided to start a blog.

Then the question in front of me was on which topic I should write a Blog then I realized that I have been searching for Business Ideas for years and years and today I know plenty of them So I decided to make this Blog Startuptadka.com.

Pritam nagrlae is was one of my role model and a great source of information and Motivation for me. He is also a Blogger, youtuber and Digital Marketer, He is one of the best bloggers in India and he has a portfolio of three sites Surejob.in, Moneyconnexion.com and thingsinindia.

Do follow him if you are interested in learning digital marketing 

I have created this blog to help people who wants to find some profitable and sustainable Business Ideas for them to make money.

So, if you are interested in such Business Ideas and Business strategy then you can visit our article section, and please give us feedback if you are facing any problem while visiting our site

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