Motivational Speech | Anything is possible

I can do this

I seen millions of motivational speakers the speech to rich they speak to the successful

I said: Who speaks to the broken? Who speaks to the individuals that are still in the process? Who speaks to the individuals that doesn’t want to live anymore?

Every motivational speech that you ever heard. I was talking to myself and I was telling my story.

I couldn’t read until I was 16, I buried my mother to a heroin overdose

My father was a hitman

I used to sneak into crack houses to sleep next to my mom to make sure she was safe at night.

But through all the chaos and all the pain God build a warrior.

So when you all see king Hollis and every time I drop a speech I’m dropping it for you

That person that wants to give up on this life, I’m dropping it for you.

That person that don’t know that they have a greatness inside of them I’m dropping this for you

See the difference between a GOOD PLAYER and a GREAT PLAYER

See that good player does just the minimum to get by

The great players pushes his body passes the limit release every single drop of blood on the field and whatever he does in life he wants to be remembered as the greatest.

He does the extra 10 when the coach only ask for 20 The runs that extra mile when the coach only ask for 5

See he knows he’s going to have to dig deep inside his soul to bring out the KING to bring out the LEGEND to bring out the POWER,

that lays in every single one of us but we won’t go deep enough to get it

And we gonna be good  and we gonna be great

Being broke is a mindset That’s something that you put inside your head.

That’s something that you tell yourself every single day.

I literally started from the side of a turkey, hill gas station and all I did was ask someone could you give me an opportunity, 

To go into your studio could you give me an opportunity to walk into this place every single day and create my motivational video.

The time didn’t take long it was only two to three minutes and I’ll finish the speech and I’ll give it out because many of you guys don’t know I do not write speeches.

Everything I do it from my heart.

So what I did as truly believed that I have something special to this world and I want you to know that you have something special to give this world .

Don’t ever believe that the lack of funds is the reason why you’re not being successful.

This is not true

The lack of belief is why you’re not successful,

Every single human being on the earth is a walking million dollar check and

Our belief in ourselves our grit our true grit to wake up every single day and tell ourselves and tell the world that, 

I will be something special is which separates you from everyone else.

I learned that when I stop being envious of people and stop judging people and stop being angry that I’m not on their level, is when I truly started to elevate in my career.

I say I told myself I would never take a dollar bill from another person, I will never sell my dream and my gift to anyone for any dollar amount.

Don’t you ever do that. 

And every morning you wake up and you look in the mirror I want you to look in that mirror and I want to tell yourself that I am special I am great and I am phenomenal.

Nobody will stop me from reaching my goal My goal my individual goal is to become one of the best speakers of all time.

But I know I have so much work to do.

While they sleep I must work While they party I must grow While they procrastinate I must go after my future with a relentless effort 

And I want you guys to grow to be successful with me.

I don’t want to just be successful by myself I want my message to grow other people and make other people successful that’s what life is truly about.

It’s about picking great individuals and taking with you. We’ve got to make this decision in our lifes today kings and queens that will not be ordinary.

We will be great. We will be kings.

This life is about serving and giving and being true. 

We live in a world where people believe everybody is out to get you 

But I’m telling you now, some people is just out to love you so for the rest of my career and the rest of my life.

I want you too look at William Hollis as your brother your family, because we are It doesn’t matter what colour you are, It doesn’t matter where you came from, The only thing that matters who loves you now.

Growing up in the projects of Pontiac Michigan I realized two things

I realized that I won’t make it if I believe that this is my reality for rest of my life.

And two I had realized that all the knowledge and all gifts are already placed inside of me at birth.

All I have to do is fine tune, all I have to do is keep working on this craft every single day and I can be successful.

When I sat on the side of that turkey hill gas station, 

I realized that no one would believe in me. No one, no one will say, William Hollis one day your speeches will be played all around the world.

No one and I realized that pain was necessary I realized that without my belief I cannot go to the next level.

And I want you guys to know every piece of motivation, I give you I’m talking to myself.

The world just happened to hear it. Let’s become legendary. Let’s not focus on who don’t see anything in us. Let’s focus on everything that does.

You are filthy rich, You are born rich we’re going to forget about the generational lag. 

We’re going to forget about the people who left us and we’re going to focus on the people who loves us. 

We’re going to focus on the people who believe in us .

Because you have greatness inside of you. 

You have an everlasting potential and as long as you have a heartbeat as long as you have air in your lungs you have an opportunity to change this world, change this life and live your dream today.

You are not broke you are filthy rich you are born rich we will be royal forever