How to Become a Freelancer (Epic 9 Steps Guide) for 2020

Freelancing is one of the best side hustle you can start to make money

Do you know India is the second-largest country of freelancers and many companies are giving opportunities to freelancers to work for them as there are many benefits of hiring freelancers.

So, first of all, How you can grab this opportunity, how you can become a freelancer? don’t worry it’s not rocket science and to simplify it I have broken down this article into 8 steps and one Bonus at the End.

Who is a freelancer and what is freelancing?


A freelancer is a person who offers services for businesses and companies for the short term on the basis of his skills and they usually charge on an hourly basis. They are a self-employed person and they often work on several projects for various clients at the same time.

Know you know who is a freelancer, So let’s jump into how you can become a freelancer and how you can grow your career in this field.

1. Create your account on freelancing websites

Rather than focusing on tips and tricks of freelancing firstly focus on practical things and make your account on freelancing websites like Freelancer,,, etc. 

Just fill all the details asked to create your profile and it is as easy as creating a Gmail account and in addition to that, you have to fill the payment method to receive your payment.

To become a freelancer there is no need to be an expert in something, you should just have some skills and you should be able to complete the project of your client.

According to, the average pretax salary of Freelancers all over the world is 39,000 USD per/year or 29 lakhs INR and according to 23% of Indian freelancers earn up to 60 lakh per annum.

But keep in mind that there are some freelancers who are not capable of making at least Rs 20,000, you have to work really hard and you have to have some skills that are in demand to earn such a good amount of money.

Top freelancing websites to start as a freelancer

2. How to get clients and start your career

How to get first client in freelancing

So here I’m assuming that you have a skill and you have made an account as a freelancer and you are trying to get your first client, according to my experience as a freelancer to get your first client is the hardest thing in freelancing.

So rather directly asking clients to give you projects, find someone in your contacts who need your help.

Suppose I can make a website and my uncle runs a business of a hair salon So I can make a website for him and I can include it in my portfolio of projects and this way I can help many people in my contact.

Then there will be enough reviews, star ratings and completed projects on my portfolio to get the first client.

And I will not recommend charging any fees when you are doing work for people in your contact because if you will get stuck anywhere then also there will be no tension on your head as they are not paying you.

As well as you can get an idea of what is freelancing while working with them as well as it is very safe to start with the people from your contact rather than a stranger.

3. Build Trust and Brand

Everything on the internet which includes payment transactions needs the trust of the customer and in our case, it is our client and once you have gained the trust of your client then he is like your business partner.

So don’t focus on getting projects, focus on building relations with your clients and it will be very beneficial for you in the future.

Maybe you will lose the battle in the short term but you’ll win the war in the long term, So don’t just focus on now but focus on the future.

Now, How to build trust?

Make social media pages and a website if you can afford with the name of your brand and put all the reviews, projects on those platforms and try to make a portfolio.

This will build their trust as they will notice that this person is really passionate about his work and if something goes wrong then I can contact him. 

4. Make a team

Now imagine that you have followed all the steps I have given you above and you have started getting some clients on a regular basis which is quite simple.

Then what after that how can you grow your business as a freelancer, the answer is simple by making a team and building your brand.

To make a team you have to hire someone or you can teach someone and then he can join you and there are many benefits of working as a team and some of those are 

You can take more projects compared to a single freelancer and at the end, you will make more profit.

You can take big or long term projects as you are a team and you don’t have to do all the things by yourself, you can easily distribute your work.

Less risk as there will be no tension that you have to complete any project before the deadline as you can complete all the projects before time as you are working as a team.

5. Start a website or Blog

Starting a website is one of the most important things in the internet world if you are providing any type of service or product online.

Website portraits you as a brand and you can also reach to many potential clients through your website.

Don’t use technical terms or words that can’t be understood by a 6 to 8 Grade student. 

Make the website in such a way that your client or anyone should easily understand what you are offering to them and what they can expect from you.

Post all the client reviews and projects you have completed and you can also start blogging as you can earn from your website after getting a decent amount of traffic as well and it can be a sustainable source of income.

Starting a website is really very simple just buy a domain and hosting and set up your website on WordPress and you are ready to go. 

6. Be a Jack of all

You may have heard this phrase “Jack of all and master of none” this tells us to be a master in one particular thing rather than focusing on many skills.

But in the freelancing world, it’s not right because almost all people who are hiring a freelancer are not looking for a professional they just want their work to be done in some period of time.

As well as the digital world is very versatile if today any one thing is in trend than in some years it might be nowhere like it happened with fidget spinners they came in trend very rapidly and with that same speed they ran out of the trend I know it is a product but it can happen with skill also.

So you must at least have some basic knowledge about other fields, but when I’m saying that it’s ok to be not an expert in any field that doesn’t mean you don’t have to be good at your work.

7. Set a rate for yourself

Negotiation is always a part of the business and I feel it is necessary to profit everyone your client as well as you So don’t worry about it, but fix a bare minimum rate for yourself.

That helps you to showcase yourself as a brand as well as it is good to have one good-paying client rather than having 10 least paying clients.

This will also put a footprint on your client’s mind that this freelancer doesn’t go less than this amount this will also separate you from other freelancer 

so whenever he wants to hire you again then he will offer you at least more than or equal to that amount.

8. Become Social

I‘m personally a very introvert person and I usually don’t want to show my face on social media or any other platforms.

So once a person from the audience of my blog who was following my blog from a good time asked me on Instagram that “are you a human?”

At that time I got my mistake humans usually trust on faces I’m not going deep into that but I want to say is show your face to your clients become social, comment on your potential customers.

And don’t ask for a project in the first time itself, first try to engage with them make them like your friend.

I think Twitter and LinkedIn are best for you if you are starting freelancing you can easily get potential clients on these platforms.

Bonus for Newbies

Here, are three bonus for New Freelancers 

  1. Actionable Tips for you 
  2. Best skills for Freelancing
  3. Highest paying jobs for Freelancers 

Insanely Actionable Tips for New freelancers

  1. Create a portfolio of your completed projects as we discussed earlier 
  2. Offer less price compared to your competitors while starting
  3. Always be active if your clients has emailed you about the project or you are emailing clients or pitching or biding on the projects then you should be active.
  4. You should do follow up, you should answer to the email of your client quickly make fast communication with clients, that shows your dedication to your work and build the trust of your client. 
  5. Try to make your client happy because your happiness is indirectly connected to your client’s happiness.
  6. Be present on every social media site where your potential clients spend their time

Best skills for freelancing

  • Video creation 
  • Data entry 
  • Web development and App development 
  • Graphic designing 
  • Logo Designing 
  • Content writing 
  • Video Editing 

Highest paying jobs for a freelancer

  • Programming and software development 
  • Web designing and development 
  • Content marketing and content writing 
  • Graphic designing
  • Copywriting 
  • Video Editing   


I hope you have liked this article and do let us know in the comment section how we can improve this article to help more and more people in the right direction.

If you are looking for some more online Business Ideas or money-making ideas then you are on the right place we have plenty of articles on this topic, please make sure that you should visit our Business Article page.

If you really want to make a career in this field then there are many online free freelancing courses to help you and I will recommend to buy a good-paid course as well because knowledge is your biggest asset which anyone can’t steal it from you.

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