Best [Business and Investment] Blog in India 2020

One of the best Business Blogs in India

Shradha Sharma is the founder and CEO of, is the largest media company for startups and entrepreneurs in India. This is the best platform for you if you want to get inspire form big entrepreneurs and want to hear their success stories. 

Before starting shraddha Sharma was assistant vice president of CNBC TV18 and also a brand advisor at The Times of India in 2008. is available in 12 Languages if you have a problem in reading English, they have published approximately 60,000 stories of entrepreneurs and helped more than 50,000 entrepreneurs to access funding opportunities.

They have also launched 3 courses you can get it here and these courses are on Starting and Growing a Startup and Fund Raising.

Investopedia is one of the most famous and big Blogs in finance and Business, it’s not an Indian blog but if you are looking for blog from where you can learn about Investment, Stock Market and Personal Finance then it is one of the Best blogs for you and they have a reader base of more than 33 Million or 3.3 Crore per month.

You can find all the answer to your questions from this blog, They have a group of an editor, experts, writers and all of them are great in their work so you can obviously trust on them and learn from them.

3. Shout me loud

Best Youtube Channel to learn Digital marketing is started by Harsh Agarwal one of the biggest and famous Bloggers in India his blog is all about Digital marketing and many ways to make money online.

In June 2009 he had a terrible accident and he was told by doctors that he would never be able to walk again, but he didn’t give up he was bedridden for almost 7 months and during these days he was browsing internet and searching for what he loves to do and how can he make his life more meaningful and he stumbled upon one thing which is blogging and he started gaining knowledge about blogging and started a Blog. 

And now his blog is one of the successful blogs in India, So if you want to learn Digital Marketing and other ways to make money online and to start your own Online Business Then this Blog is perfect for you.

4. Moneyconnexion and Surejob — Pritam Nagrale and are two huge Business Blog and they both are owned by Pritam Nagrale and he started learning about internet Marketing in 2004 when people didn’t even know what is Digital Marketing and Internet Marketing and after getting some knowledge and doing affiliate Marketing he started blogging in 2009. 

You can learn how to make money online from affiliate marketing, Amazon and from Google from these Blog and both of these blogs are best for you if you are looking for new Business Ideas to start or new ways to make money online.

Best Business Blog in India

Arun Prabhudesai is an IT professional and he is very passionate about new Business trends in India, startup, and entrepreneurship and he shares all his knowledge opinions in this blog. This blog has grown tremendously in the last some years and that’s why to make it even bigger they have made a team of authors who writes for them, many experts also write articles for them in their respective topics. He has also started a Youtube Channel but it is about tech and new Smartphones and if you are interested in tech as well then You can visit his Youtube Channel is the best blog for you if you want to know New Business trends, startups, and new emerging technologies.

Cashoverflow — Pradeep Goyal

Best Business Blog

Pradeep Goyal is the founder of and he started this blog approximately in 2016 but it was no his first business, before that in 2014 he had made a product and he tried to sell that but he was able to acquire only 7 to 8 clients which were not enough and he failed in that Business but because of his financial knowledge nothing wrong happen with them and he tried again and started his Blog and started Freelancing.

He used to write for his client from 4:00 AM to 8: AM every day and the rest of the time he used to grow his Blog.

You can also read his full story here and I will highly recommend reading his story because you will learn how to manage your finances before starting any Business from his story.

This Blog is best for you if you want to invest in STock Market and want to learn Personal Finance.

7. Apna plan — Amit

Amit owner of is started by Amit, he has a Number of Certifications related to investment, Personal Finance, and Entrepreneurship. He as a great interest in Finance and to convert it in Passion he started this Blog and in this Blog, he shares all his knowledge about Personal Financial, Investments, Retirement Planning, Stock Markets, Gold, Silver, Real Estate Investment, Taxation, etc,

You can learn everything about Investment and Personal FInance from this blog

8. I will teach you to be rich — Ramit Sethi

Best Business Blog

I will teach you to be rich is started by Ramit Sethi and he has only one mission to teach people how to become rich and he does all the possible things to do that, He also has a Youtube channel with more than 170k subscribers.

He doesn’t focus on teaching some techniques or tricks rather than this he mainly focuses on changing your perspective, psychology from Poor to Rich.

He has also made a list of Paid and free courses to help you in automating your Personal FInance, earning Money and to become more productive and to find your Dream Job.

Best Business Blog

Ashish Sinha is the founder of and as its name speaks this Blog is about news and updates in Business, FInance, etc This blog is very interesting if you want to see how anything affects Businesses and country’s economy.

You can also subscribe to their newsletter to get new business updates from them, they also focus on new emerging technologies like Artificial Intelligence (AI)  and Electric Vehicles. They have a lot of content related to these two topics so if you are interested in these new technologies then you can sun=bscribe their Newsletter.

10. Jago investor is also a finance and investing related Blog and it is started by Manish Chauhan and Nandish Desai in 2008 they both have an aim to teach more and more people about Personal Finance an that’s why they have started this blog, they also conduct a various workshop in different India cities and their office is situated in Pune and Ahemdabad.

They have also made their app to help you:

11. — Gaurav

Gaurav Chaudhari is the founder of and it’s me my name is Gaurav and I have been researching a good, sustainable Business Idea for myself from last 3 to 4 Years and from 2018 I have started learning about Digital Marketing and all the other ways to make money online.

Then after gaining all the knowledge, I came to the conclusion that starting a blog can be a great choice for myself and from the last 1 year I have started this blog.

And as I was researching a lot of Business Ideas and Money making Ideas from the last 4 Years I started Blog on this Topic. 

So, if you are looking for new Online Business ideas or Money making Ideas then is the best blog for you.

I have just started blogging so my blog is not very big, but I can assure that you that you can get a lot of new and reliable information from this Blog  

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