7 Best Freelancing websites you will love to work with

Today we are going to see the 7 Best Freelancing websites to find work for you to make money by freelancing.

In this list I have just discussed about 7 websites but, there are a lot of freelancing sites on internet, but these 7 websites are the best and we will also learn about how can we earn from each website.

I have recently written a on how to become a freelancer you can also read that article the link is given below 

Fiverr is one of the most popular freelancing websites and it was launched in 2010 to help companies to hire people and freelancers to find the best freelancing jobs and within 2 years almost 1.3 million gigs were hosted by Fiverr. 

By the way, gigs are the services freelancers offer to companies and entrepreneurs. It is the best site if you are a freelancer or you want to hire freelancers.

If you have any skill then you can make various gigs around your services and you can start making money on Fiverr. 

If you think that freelancing is just for side hustle then take a look at this How these three people make 6 figures a year in USD on Fiverr and if you will convert it in INR then it will be 70 to 75 Lakhs which is a lot more than an average Indian Salary.

While making gigs, Fiverr asks you a lot of questions about your skills, So don’t get frustrated it is just to avoid spammers and frauds and it also helps other entrepreneurs and companies who wants to hire you. 

How to start freelancing on Fiverr

  • Signup for free 
  • Create various Gigs around your Skills 
  • Fiverr will send you a notification if someone wants to hire you 
  • Discuss in more detail about your work with your Clients 
  • Ge paid 

If you don’t have any skills then Fiverr has made a lot of Courses around each and every Skill you can imagine, just buy any course that you want to learn and after learning you can post gigs on Fiverr and make money. 

And the more interesting thing is all of there courses are very cheap, So make sure to check out all their courses and enroll in a course which interests you. 

Upwork is also a very Famous and great website for freelancers and they have 12 Million Registered Freelancers and 5 Million, this company was rebranded as Upwork in 2015 before that they were 2 brands Elance and oDesk which came together in 2015 and now it is one of the biggest Freelancing websites in the world 

The only problem with upwork.com is they charge around 5 to 20 Percent of Fees and I think 20 percent is a huge commission or fees, but you can get a lot of projects from upwork.com, SO you should surely check out Upwork.com

  • Upwork and Freelancer are both similar
  • Just create a free account as a freelancer 
  • Build a great profile
  • Find the best projects for yourself 
  • Bid on the projects 
  • Get selected by Employers 
  • Get Paid 

I personally like Freelancer.com because I first started my journey as a freelancer with Freelancer.com and its interface is also very user-friendly, So if you are just starting out then this Freelancing website is highly recommended for you. 

There are 17 Million plus Jobs on freelancer.com on a various niche, So you can find ideal Jobs for you and the benefit of this website is they charge only 10 percent on your projects, SO that’s a good thing because other platforms take even more, but they also have large competition 

  • Just make an account on Freelancer.com, it’s totally free
  • And find projects that you like and bidon that project 
  • If your Employer likes your bid then he well give you the project

People per Hour is also one of the good Freelancing websites and it’s like a Mix of Fiverr and Upwork.com and which is a very good thing according to me.

Here you can create gigs like Fiverr and also bid on Projects like Upwork or freelancer.com

So it is also a very good option and you can also try it 

  • Create your free account as a Freelancer 
  • Build a great profile 
  • Find the best projects for you 
  • You can also create gigs like FIver
  • Get paid 

As their name speaks toptal, they just hire top 3 Percent of freelancers and only 3 people out of 100 get selected, So if you want to work as a freelancer through this platform then you have to go through some interviews and their system of hiring, but here you can get projects or work from branded and Big companies like airbnb.

So if you are confident about your skills and if you are expert in your field then you can get a lot of good projects on toptal.com.

This website is similar to Upwork and freelancer.com, but the number of Employers are increasing and the fees are also very less than other platforms they just take 9 Percent commission or fees from your income and on freelancer, it is 10 percent and on Upwork it is about 5 to 20 percent. 

This website was founded in 1998 and its name at that time was emoonlighter.com which was later changed to Guru.com 

  • It’s a very Simple Process 
  • Just create your free account 
  • Bid on projects as well as get recommendations based on your skills 
  • Submit your pitch to the Employer
  • Get Paid   

This website is for Designers and to make money on this website you have to participate in the contest, For example: if any client wants a good logo for his website then he will run a contest on 99Designs.com and then Freelancers will upload their logos which they have created and then your client will select that which logo he liked and then he will just pay to the freelancer whos logo he liked. 

  • Just go on website and create your account as a Designer 
  • Complete your Profile and fill all the details 
  • Then browse new contest and participate in it and upload your own Logo or Design 
  • The get paid if your Design get selected 

So these was the list of Best freelancing websites for you to start freelancing career and to work from home.

I hope that this article have helped you and if you have any doubt or opinion then I am glad to here it.

If you are a freelancer and working with any of the above listed sites then please share your experience with us. 

If you are curious about such Online Business ideas then make sure to visit our Business section, here you can find a lot of useful articles for yourself. 

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