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Business ideas for Diwali

India is the country of festivals there are Hundreds of festivals celebrated in India so here are some Business ideas for Diwali as Diwali is one the biggest festivals in India.

This is the biggest Seasonal business opportunity you can find in India, almost all Indian buy many products like new dress, decorative items, Crackers and sweets to celebrate Diwali.

So, here are the most profitable Business Ideas you can start in Diwali.

1. Crackers

crackers used in Diwali

Diwali is the festivals of crackers and the people buy many crackers for their children. You can make hundreds and thousands of rupees by selling crackers.

For selling crackers you have to make a temporary licence form police website or by visiting police station, you can get every information about which kinds of crackers you can and which type of crackers you can’t sell.

You can also sell international crackers with your temporary licences

You can buy crackers from any wholesale cracker shop some days earlier of Diwali because at the time of Diwali rate of crackers get increase very much.

2. Decoration and lighting

At the time of Diwali all the people decorate their house building and offices, So you can sell them decorative items like lightning, Rangoli, flowers, plastic flowers, gifts, Diya, kandill etc.

These products are available in any wholesale market, just buy them and sell them locally and earn profits.

If you have good contacts then you an also make a deal with corporates and societies to provide whole decorative items to their societies this way you can make a lot of money.

You can also sell these decorative items on amazon if you have these items in huge Quantity.

This is the best Business Ideas for Diwali as it does’t need any licence or any thing

3. Sweet, laddo and Diwali snacks

Today’s generation is becoming busy and busy day by day, but they want to celebrate festivals like these, So many people buy readymade Sweets, Laddus, chocolate, chakli etc.

There is always a grandmother or your mother who knows in detailed on how to make these sweets and other things.

Co-operating and helping the ladies in your home you can start a Business of selling sweets and Diwali snacks.

Making these items needs some efforts and hard work but it’s worth doing it, these business ideas can make a lot of money.

4. Selling praying items

You can easily buy praying products from any wholesale market and you can sell it to the local market.

You can easily sell praying products which are sold locally.

You can make a nice amount by selling products like agarbatti, phool mala, murtii etc

5. Selling Dry Fruits

Buy dry fruits and pack some dry fruits in box and improve your packaging so that people can gift them to their relatives and friends.

Dry fruits are also good for health and there are always demand for dry fruits in market so you can also make a stall of selling dry fruits

6. Selling dress

At the time of Diwali all the people buy new dress and suit for celebrating Diwali and there is a high demand of dress and suits at the time of Diwali.

These Business ideas needs some investment because because all people wants branded dress


This are some Business ideas for Diwali but this are seasonal Business Ideas this can’t be profitable for for whole year.

So if you are looking to jump into long term business then you must check this article:

Ideas given in this article are profitable, sustainable and it does’t need much experience but they all need your efforts and time and avoid mistakes by learning from others.

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