11 Online Business ideas

Online Business Ideas -11 No Investment business Ideas

Are you searching for Online Business ideas without Investment ? Yes ! then you are in right place here are 11 Online business Ideas without Investment.

 but before looking to this we should know why you should choose online business Ideas why not offline business Ideas ?

Why you should start Online Business ?

Starting online business, expanding it, reaching to more customers, is comparatively very cheap than starting a offline business.

As well as there is no need of office in online business, you didn’t need more employees you can give your work to freelancers etc.

Therefore now will will look at 11 very low cost business Ideas.

So don’t just read this start your own business.

1.Blogging ( Most Popular Business Ideas )

Blogging, Best way to make money from Pubg

Blogging is one of the most fastest growing Online business Ideas in the internet world.

You can start a blogging website with wordpress or you can also write a blog for any other website by getting paid per word. 

I have written a article on How to make money from Blogging or website so if you don’t know that you must read that article

If you didn’t know to earn from blogging or website you read it by clicking here.

But before starting your blog you should decide your blogging niche, 

You should only make website on your favourite subject so that you can post a huge amount of content with a good Quality.

Blogging is the best way to earn money online, just buy hosting and a domain name for your website and start blogging. 

You will just need 30-50$ or 1,000 to 5,000 INR for starting your own blog.

If you doesn’t want to invest any money you can start also start blogging on blogspot a free blogging network by google 


You can start blogging for other website and you can also get projects from website like freelancer and upwork.

2. Become Youtuber ( Most popular Business Ideas )

Youtube Channel one of the best business Ideas for beginners

People are changing the way they search and consume content on the internet, most of the people prefer to watch a video about something rather than reading a article.

As well as Youtube is now the second largest search engine in the world so it is very important to have your channel on youtube 

If you want to start Online Business or if you want to grow your offline business.

It is also very simple to make your youtube channel as compared to making website or blogging.

The best part of youtube is you don’t need to pay a single penny to anyone to start your Youtube channel.

Just create a Youtube Channel with a unique name and start uploading videos on your favourite niche or Subject same like Blogging you should have a deep knowledge in your niche.

But for getting more subscribers you should learn things like –

Editing video, making attractive Thumbnail, making animated video (if needed), you should also improve your communication skills.

Making money from youtube is very much easy and there are different methods to earn more money from youtube

so if you are starting Youtube channel then you should take a look at my article How you can make more money from your Youtube Channel 

If you doesn’t want to go in deep of that article then You can Just take a look at this points 

  1. making money by monetizing your channel with Ads 
  2. Affiliate marketing 
  3. Premium Membership
  4. By Promoting products and services 
  5. Selling your own courses
  6. providing personal service 
  7. Arranging events 
  8. creating Podcast 
  9. Donation 

3. Freelancing ( Best Business idea for part timers )


Freelancing has now became a very big industry and you can find many people earning 800 to 1,000$ per month or 60,000 to 80,000 per month in INR by freelancing for their clients.

A freelancer is a self-employed person who offers services, often working on several jobs for multiple clients at one time.

Freelancers make money by charging money on hourly or daily basis usually their projects are very short term.

If you have any skills like Graphics designing, web-development, app- Development, data-entry animation or photoshop.

Then you can earn money from freelancing websites like Freelancer or upwork.com.

But in today’s date peoples fraud on this website for example many people doesn’t provide a good quality service as they charge money.

So please be loyal with your clients and take the project that you can do very well.

Afterwards you can also start your own business after getting professional in your field.

Free Advice 

For starting as a freelancer register yourself as a freelancer on websites like Freelancer.com, upwork.com or Fiverr.com

Only register those skills which you know and charge lowest in starting and bid on projects that you can complete.

Firstly create your portfolio by getting some projects and after finishing you projects. 

please request to your client to review you or comment you or give you nice star ratings that can improve your portfolio.

According to me Freelancing is not a permanent Job so, as you get a nice amount of money from freelancing save it or invest it and sooner or later start your own Business.

4. Online teaching or Selling Course

Tutoring one of the best way to make money during Coronavirus lockdown

If you have a offline institute or teaching classes you can do it online as well by making portfolio on youtube and making a full detailed paid course.

For example : If you have a computer class where you teach student graphic designing or video animation 

Then you can shoot a video while teaching graphic designing and post it on youtube and IGTV to make your portfolio on youtube. 

Then If some likes your designs, he can give you some projects to make animated video for him.

As well as if someone wants to learn graphic designing or Animation then he can buy  your “beginner to professional course” 

If you will upload your videos on youtube then you will also get popular and you can also promote things like meesho reselling app, affiliate links, products etc. 

5.Software Traning

Many companies and small business need an expert in using editing software or any other software.

So you can provide a full detailed training of any software to their employees.

You can provide them workshop or sessions for better understanding and you can charge by the hours while giving full tutorials.

You can also sell a full video tutorials and technical manuals created by you to companies so that in future if they want to train any individual in their company.

Then they can provide this manuals and video tutorial to their employees.

6.Social Media Marketer

Social Media Marketing

Social media is the biggest and easiest platforms for small and big business to reach their consumers or Audience

Therefore most of them make the page of their business so that they can reach more peoples to create their brand awareness in people.

You can help such businesses by handling their social media accounts and by gaining more and more followers or visitors to their social media accounts.

This will help them in their business and indirectly your business also.

You can also provide them a training of social media marketing.

7. Start an Amazon FBA Business

If you are new to this concept, FBA stands for “fulfilment by Amazon” in simple words sell product on Amazon.

Amazon will list your product on their site and when sale will come , they will do the hard work of packing it to be sent and delivering product to the customers etc.

You can make a strong customer base on amazon. All you have to do is find or make a profitable and good product and sell on Amazon.

If you want to know it in detail you can Click Here

8. Start A Podcast

Starting a podcast is a very good Online Business Idea because many people of countries like America listen lots of podcasts. 

But in countries like India it is still known to very less population hence it has a great potential to grow in next few years or months.

Making podcast is very easy it can be made just by recording it. To reach more peoples you can post it on sites like buzzsprout etc.

Podcast can engage your audience more effectively than articles, 

All you have to do is just build a trust in your audience about your podcast, you can then monetize with Ads or sponsorships and offers.

Earning trust of your listeners is vital, because if they don’t trust you they will never trust what you will tell them.

9. Sell a Design ( unique business Idea )

If you are a graphic designer, fashion designer then you can sell your designs, many people need graphic designs for their websites and to make costumes of actors. 

There is always a need of fashion designer, hence there is a high demand for designer as well.

Therefore if you are a graphic designer you can sell your designs to many sites like designhill and esty etc.

You can also get some project on freelancing website like upwork.com. 

Apart from that you can also make a youtube channel for the peoples who wants to learn graphics Designing.

10. Create a E- Commerce Store ( Best Business Idea )

With the help of shopify and woocommerce it has became very simple to make a e-commerce store and due to dropshipping it has made it even more simple.

Just choose a good niche with comparatively low competition and high profit. Due to your unique niche you will get differentiated from your competitors. 

Don’t try to sell everything on your store, just go deep inside your niche and provide all the information they may need.

For example: If your website is about hair products then you can compare hair products, you can recommend some best products, you can make videos on how to use the hair products.

you can give tips on how to grow hairs fast, how to make hair silky, how to make hair roots strong, how to style hairs, what to use, what to not use, 

How to take care of your hairs, which shampoo you should use, how to remove dandruff from hairs, How to color hairs etc

Creating a e-commerce store is about going deeper and deeper inside your niche. 

Because any one can make website like you but the knowledge you have about your niche is what matters, and your deeper knowledge about your niche will attract people.

It will also build a trust in their eye about you.

Affiliate marketing is similar to e-commerce store, hence I am not going in detailed in it, if you want to start affiliate marketing you can check it out.

11. Became a Web Developer ( Growing Business Idea )

There is a high demand for an expert web developer in market. 

A web-developer is someone who makes a website from start to finish. In order to be able to do this you have to learn code.

Web-developer can make a decent amount of money but to became good at it will really take some time. 

The great thing about a web developer is you can work almost from everywhere in the world and there is a high demand for web developer and web designer.

There are many course offline and online available in market to learn coding and making amazing apps and games.

In my opinion coding is somewhat boring but it’s only my opinion and even many people like to code as well as there is a lot of money in coding.

You can also start a web-development and app-development agency.

As well as you can make app or website for yourself and you can make money from it.


This are the 11 online business Ideas you can start with any of these business Ideas  

But don’t forget that without determination and persistent efforts you are not going to make money form these Ideas.

If you want to grow fast in life then you should learn from other mistakes, so learn from mistakes that all entrepreneur do and don’t do that.

Learn how to start business learn strategy to grow your business.

You learn more You earn

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