11 ways to make money from website – proven ways

Today we will learn how to earn money from website 

But, Some years earlier I was not knowing that we can earn from making a website and blogging, but today I know plenty of methods to earn from website.

So here are 11 ways to earn from website

11 ways to make money from your website

Before using all this strategies  keep in mind that all will not work for your website so please choose strategies that will suit to your website and can really generate you a nice amount of money. 

1. Affiliate Markerting

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is one of the best and profitable way to make money from your website, there are many affiliate networks available to start affiliate marketing 

Commission Junction, Share a Sale these are some affiliate networks you can register yourself as a affiliate on these websites and you can promote any product when anyone buy it from you, you will get commission.

2. Google adsense ( Pay per click )

Google adsense is also very popular way and it is the simplest way to earn money from your website You can earn a decent amount of money from it.

 How to do it :

You have to just make your google adsense account and get the approval for your website. Then Google will enter a code of ads in your website, this ads will be relevant to your content so don’t worry it will not affect the user experience of your website

For example if your website is about cloth Google adsense will start showing your visitor Ads of t-shirt,jeans etc. After that if any one will click on ads on your website you will earn some money.

Ads money is not fixed it changes every month as per click through rate of your website and also your traffic.

If your website is new and it gets only 5k to 25k visitors per month

Then you should go for Google Adsense, but if your website is getting much more traffic from about 25k to 100k then Google Adsense is not recommended for you because Adsense will pay you very less as compared to your traffic.

 If your website traffic is very good then you should go for Ads which will pay you as per impressions like for thousand visitors 2- 4$.

How much you can earn :

Ads are very popular way to earn from website but it can’t give you a big amount of money. You can earn 50$ to 500$ from it as per your traffic.

3. E-commerece store

Again it also a very popular mean to earn from you website but it require a lot of efforts to earn from it. 

Some times your e-commerce store can also lead to loss, but if you once started selling a good amount of product then it give you a huge amount of money.

How to do it :

Firstly you have to make a e-commerce store with the help of shopify or woo-commerce and list your product to your site you can also list others product.

But it dosen’t finish here you have to make a good landing page, increase your conversion rate, collect e-mails, retarget your audience, you have to make different payment Gateways like paypal credit and debit card Netbanking  pay on delivery etc.

It’s a very huge burden for you and if you are one man army then I will not recommend you to make your e-commerce store but you can do it if you had a nice traffic on your website because in your cause the rate of loss is very less due to your huge traffic.

How much you can earn :

In e-commerce store third person is not included like Amazon, ebay and flipkart that’s why your commission is very good.

So you can earn about 1000$ to 5,000$ and many more.

4.paid or Sponsored post

Once you had build a regular traffic on your website you can do it

Sponsored phrase is very popular on youtube and Instagram. Many big youtubers make sponsored video and get paid to promote any brand it is similar in Instagram and Website.

How to do it

Specially on website you have to get in touch with some brand and make a deal according to your visitor and they will pay you to promote their product or service on your post. In this post you can write your views on that product or compare it with other similar product, give rating to that product. If you done it right it is a win/win scenario

For example: if you have a website on social media marketing you should promote some app which can help you to edit your photos to post on social media sites or you can also promote courses which will help your visitor to learn social media marketing.

  • Please don’t promote any irrelevant things on your post

How much you can earn :

The earning through sponsored post is depended on your traffic.
So if you had very good amount of traffic you can earn a very good amount of money from it.

If your website dosen’t get a nice traffic, I am sorry bro sponsored post are not for you.

5. sell your own Digital product

It is also a commonly used way to earn money fom your website.

You can sell some digital products like e-books, software, podcasts, Graphics and digital art, courses etc. and it is a most profitable thing because third party is absent here.

The problem in selling digital product is similar to e-commerce store

You have to make a nice landing page, increasing conversion rate, payment Gateways, shipping etc.

 How to do it

Just make a digital product For example if your website is about graphic design you can make a e-book on how to make graphic design like professional, you can sell your graphic designs, You can also make a course of graphic designing etc.

( It may be sounds easy but it needs huge effort to make a digital product  and you can do it if you are the professional of that field )

How much you can earn from it

You can earn 0$ to 100$ per month. It’s a very good way to earn passive income.

6. premium subscription ( Membership )

This method is very famous on youtube. For example if anybody likes a particular youtubers video and want to see his premium videos then he has to pay some amount to get his premium videos.

Similar to youtube if you have a sustained audience on your website you can ask them to subscribe to your premium membership to get premium content from you.

How to do it :

Before starting your premium member-ship you should make a huge number of high-quality content, so that if anyone subscribe to you, he can get a lot of high-quality content.

For getting more subscription you should target and retarget your existing audience because they know your website and your content quality these will lead to high conversion rate and also collect emails of your all visitor to target them again and again.

7. Email marketing

Email marketing is one of the most important thing in digital marketing as well as in growing your website traffic.

To get a unique visitor every month is way more difficult then getting a consistent visitor. The effort needed to get a unique visitor are also very high as compared to getting a regular or consistent visitor.

So to get a consistent visitor you should collect email of your visitor so that if you post any content, your audience will watch that content. This is similar to subscribing a youtuber to get his video’s notification

There are many tools and plugins to do this you have to just use it and collect emails. Emails are also very important because you can connect to your audience with emails.

8. Accepting Donation

It may be, not sound a nice way to earn money but the website -Wikipedia is a very good and big example of Donation .

If your audience are good and if you are connected with them on social-media sites  Instagram, facebook and twitter they may be pay you.

 If your content is very good and if it is providing a good value to your audience life they will surely pay you

For getting donation you should genuinely connect with how much you will connect with them the chances are higher you should engage them with your content.

9. Selling your online paid courses

Selling online course, Business Ideas for part time

You must have seen a bunch of online courses on website like udemy and they really make a decent amount of money

Likewise you can make a online video course related to your website content For example if you have a website on app development then you can make an advance video course on how to make a app how to write codes etc.

I think you have noticed that I am focusing on video courses because video has a very large impact then text.

For example : If you will sell 100- 200 pages courses then the conversion rate will be very low because it will be not interesting to read so many pages and if anybody purchase it then he will get bored after reding 50-60 pages because in this world many people dosen’t have a habit of daily reading

10. consulting people

Consulting people is not commonly used method but it is affective and it can also help you in making a sustained visitors

If anyone liked your website content and want to personally take your  advise or guidance about anything related to your website content then you can personally give them a advice and charge them a fee for giving personalize advise

For example : If your website is about guitar and anybody needs help in buying a new guitar or playing a guitar then you can personally meet them and solve his problem and he will pay you for that.

11. Socail Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing

I know that this is not related to earning from your website as I mentioned in the title but it is related to your website and as well as earning.

Your website is not just a website it is your social identity, your own brand so don’t consider website only as a website it is your brand. So you have to reach to as many people as you can to aware people about your brand

So you should be present on everywhere like Youtube, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter etc. and you can earn a additional income from here as well. You can also get a nice amount of traffic from social-media.

The things mentioned in this post are really effective and can increase your earning.

But all of this things need a decent amount of traffic to your website so first try to gain more traffic then go toward earning.

If you want to earn money from youtube then click here

“The money you have earn is just the by-product of the sweat that you have burnt”

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