How to connect my blog to Google Analytics

Want to know how many visitors do your website or blog get or How your audience interact with your blog. 

Then you have to connect your website to Google Analytics, because Google analytics is the best tool to know your traffic stats for free.

In this article I’m going to walk you through how to connect your website/blog with Google Analytics (step by step).

Why is Google Analytics Important 

When you are starting a blog, you should treat it like a business – 

– you should know how many people visit your website gets

– you should know your most popular blog posts

– you should know what is your customer/audience is looking for so that you can help them

And Google Analytics provide all this and much more features so that you can track your visitors. 

These are some of the features that Google Analytics provide :

  • Number of visitors your website gets
  • Audience Demographic – In which country or region they live in, their language, age, gender. 
  • Which network, browser or mobile they use 
  • Where do they come from (search traffic, referring websites, direct traffic to your website or from social media)
  • Average time spends on your website by your visitors.
  • How many of your visitors bounce back from your website. 
  • which pages are most popular on your website
  • which pages get least traffic on your website.
  • Sessions by time of day – at which time in day people are visiting your website. 
  • Your website loading speed, and how you can improve it.
  • Mobile-friendliness of your website 
  • Conversions (this could be a purchase sign-up or  it could also be the particular goal of that page)
  • Google Analytics also shows you real time visitors.

You get all these metrics for free and you can improve, tweak your website based on the stats.

So Google analytics is very important for your success in blogging journey. 

Now let’s jump on the step by step tutorial to connect Google Analytics to your blog or website. 

How to Signup with Google Analytics

First to use Google Analytics you have to create account on Google Analytics and it’s quite simple just follow my steps. 

Step 1: Visit Google Analytics and then signup 

You have to enter your details of your Google account (email and password) to create account on Google Analytics.

Signin Google Analytics

Step 2: Then you’ll land on this page just click “start measuring” here 

Signin Google Analytics

Now you’ll be asked to enter account name – you can enter your business name here 

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