How to create a Website within just Minutes

If you would like to watch the whole process to create a blog then you can watch this video it’s easier to understand with a video rather than reading that’s why I have created a step-by-step video tutorial for you or otherwise read on.

Disclosure: Some of the links in this article are affiliate links means if you buy anything through that link then we will get a small commission to fund this blog and to create quality content to help you, but you don’t have to pay anything extra for that. 

How to Start a Website in just 4 Steps

  1. Choose your Blog Name and get your Hosting 
  2. Add WordPress and set up your Site
  3. Add Themes and Plugins 
  4. Learning how to add posts and Pages

These are the steps we have to take to create a blog, So let’s just dive into it and after that, I’m gonna also let you know how to write compelling content for your blog but before that let’s complete these 4 Steps to create our blog.

1. Choose your Blog Name and get your Hosting

Now the 1 st step is choosing a Name for your blog and then we have to get hosting for your blog. So what is Domain Name or your Blog Name and what is Hosting?

So your website Name is your Domain Name like my website name is, in other words, it’s your Brand Name and Hosting is the place where your website’s files and article and all other things will be stored, so that everyone can access them. 

But don’t get confused let’s first get your Domain Name.

Choose your domain name

So what do you want to call your blog? You can name it on your own name like or it may be, you can name it anything just make sure it’s Unique.

Because if it’s not unique then someone might have bought it and then you won’t be able to buy it again, So I would suggest you to write down 4-5  Names that you like, and then we can buy it from Bluehost

you can also name it on your niche (the topic of your Blog) like,, these are some of the examples how you can name your blog based on your niche. 

But don’t buy it right away because I’m gonna show you how you can get your Domain for free 

Setup your Hosting

Once our Blog Name has decided then we can move on to get your Hosting. So for hosting our Blog we are gonna use Bluehost.

Because Bluehost is one of the Biggest Hosting Companies and they provide everything that you need to create a professional blog within an affordable price.

Bluehost is one of the biggest and best Hosting providers in the world, they have hosted 2 Million+ websites and they have 18 years of Experience in the Hosting Industry 

And they are even recommended by from 2006 which is a big thing because they only recommend 3 Hosting companies from hundreds of them and Bluehost is been one of them since 2006. 

Other than that these are some of the features that Bluehost provides:

  • Free Domain and Free SSL – If you buy hosting from Bluehost that they provide you free Domain for 1st year and Free SSl which can easily cost you around $30 to $50 if you buy them separately, So it’s a good saving by choosing Bluehost. 


  • 24/7 Customer Support – Bluehost provides you 24/7 support and you can chat with them any time, and their support team is not Call-Centre people, they are well-trained professionals who know everything about websites and hosting. So even if you run into huge problems they can easily get you out with it. 


  • One of the Best uptime and load-speed – Bluehost provides one of the best uptimes and load speed, (Uptime means the time when your website is up and running totally Fine) So Bluehost provides 99.99% of uptime and their load speed is also very fast. 


  • Reliability – Bluehost is one of the most reliable hosting companies because they have provided world-class facilities from years and they have their own custom-built 20,000-square-foot data center. 


  • 30-Days Money-back-Guarantee – Bluehost offers a 30-Days Money-back-Guarantee which makes it risk-free to buy hosting and Domain from Bluehost, because if you don’t like their services then you can just take a refund. (But I would be true to you, there are some terms and conditions that you should check). 

Now let’s get your hosting and Free Domain so just follow my instructions.

Step 1: Go to Bluehost and click “Get Started” 

Step 2: Choose Basic Plan 

Step 3: Enter your Domain name and if you already have a Domain name then fill it in the “Use a domain you have” Box, and then click next

Choosing your Domain Name

Step 4: Fill all your Basic information to create an account on Bluehost

Creating account on Bluehost

Step 5: This is your package information now you have to choose for how many years you have to buy this plan, I would recommend you to buy it for 1-2 years because it’s enough, other than that you’re getting Domain and SSL Certificate for free.

Package information

Step 6: Now you have to untick everything in Package extras because you don’t need those things 

Package extras

Step 7: Here you have to fill your Payment information 

Step 8: Read Bluehost’s autorenewal terms and then tick on “I have read and agree” and then click “Submit”

Auto Renewal Terms

Now your payment is Successful and you have got your hosting and Domain

Payment is successful

You got your hosting and Domain so now let’s jump to the next step and set up your WordPress

2. Adding WordPress and setting up your Site

In this step, we will add WordPress and then we will set up your site. 

Adding WordPress

Click on “create your account

Payment is successful

Now to have to create a password for your account and then retype it and then click on “Create Account”.

Creating Account

Then click on “go to login”

Login into your account

Now enter your password that we have set before and then click on “log in”

Logging in

Enter this information and then click on “Continue”

Creating your site

Scroll down and Skip both of these steps 

Then you’ll land on this page and now you have to click on WordPress in the upper left corner.

Wordpress Set up

Then you’ll land on this page, this is Dashboard of WordPress and now we have added WordPress. 

So now we will setup our Website

WordPress Dashboard

Setting up your website

So this is a WordPress Dashboard that I showed you in the earlier image this is the place from where we will work on our site and if you ever wanted to come back on WordPress Dashboard then you just have to put your “” 

And then you have to enter your password that we have created before while getting our Hosting and then you’ll be logged in your WordPress Dashboard. 

So now let’s start 

Step 1: Go to settings in the left sidebar, and then enter your Site Name in the “Site Title” box, then add your site tagline in the “Tagline” box. Then make sure there is “” in the WordPress address and site address. 

And make sure your email address is correct in the “Administration Email Address” and at last make sure to tick the box “anyone can register” then scroll down and click on “Save Changes

setting up WordPress

Step 2: Now go to permalinks in the settings and then tick on “post name” and then scroll down and click on “Save Changes

Now we have completed setting up our website so now let’s move on to the next step to add plugins and themes in our website.

3. Adding Themes and Plugins

Now we’ll add themes and plugins, so what are the themes and plugins? Theme is the look of your website and plugins adds some extra features to your website. 

Most of the free themes don’t have a lot of features and they might slow down your websites load speed. So if you want to use free theme then you have to choose one of the best themes out there. 

That’s why we will use Astra theme which is one of the best themes. 

Adding Theme

Step 1: Hover over appearance and click on “Themes”  and then click on “Add New Themes


Step 2: Search for Astra in “Search Themes” box.

Step 3: Search for Astra in “Search Themes” box, and then install the Astra theme and activate it.


Adding Plugins

So now we have successfully added Astra Theme to our website, So now let’s add some Plugins. 

Step 1: Hover over Plugins and click on “Add New” Then you have to search for “Site kit by Google” in “Search plugins” box.

 Step 2: Install and Activate Google site kit Plugin

Google site kit

 Step 3: In the same way you have to install and activate “contact form 7, Rank math SEO, Elementor and Really simple SSL. 

These are some of the most important plugins, So first install and activate them then we will continue, and it’s not at all complicate just go on plugins, click on “Add New” search for the plugin and then install it and activate it.

Now we are done with adding Themes and Plugins, So now let’s create posts and Pages

4. Adding Pages and Posts

Now I will show you how to add posts and pages? so that you can easily add posts or pages to your website in the future. 

So first we will add our Contact us Page and About us Page and then I will show you how to add posts, but you don’t have to practically add a post with me. 

Because you might not have a written post right now, So I will just show you how to add a post, so you could be able to add a post on  your website when you have one. 

Adding Pages

Step 1: Hover over pages and click on “Add New” then type “About us” in the title and then you have to write few things about yourself, why you are starting this site? and what will you give to the people visiting your site. 

About Us Page

Step 2: Click on the “Publish” button after you are done with writing our About Us Page. 

Now we are done with adding the “About Us” page, but we have to add one more page “Contact Us” Page.

Step 3: Go to “Contact” in that same sidebar and then click on that code and copy it.

Step 4: Now hover over Pages and click on Add New and then give a title to the page “Contact Us” and then paste that code below it. 

Step 5: Now click on “Publish” button and Publish it.

Adding Posts

Step 1: Hover over Posts and click on “Add new” and then give it a title and then paste the article that you have written and then publish it.

Now we have successfully created our Whole site and you can visit your site by typing on Google. 

So now you can take a small break then we will see how you can find blog topic to write articles, How you can write your first article and at last, we will optimize our blog then your blog will be ready to rank on Google 

5. How to find Blog Ideas

Now we are done with creating your website, so now our first step would be to create content for our website. 

And for that, you should have some ideas on which you can write an article, So now how to come up with Blog topic Ideas. 

No worries because it not very hard and I have a great strategy for you to find new Blog topic Ideas. 


1. What does my readers don't know


  • As a new blogger, I might not know how to write a Blog 
  • As a dog owner, I might not know How many times should I wash my dog 
  • As a mom, I might not know How to change my baby’s diaper 
  • As a young student, I might not know How to increase my concentration power, How to get out of Social media addiction.
  • As an Entrepreneur, I might not know how to raise funding.

So if your readers are bloggers then you can write an article about, how to write your first Blog?

2. What do my readers struggle with


  • As a new blogger, I might struggle with getting traffic
  • As a dog owner, I might struggle with training my dog  
  • As a mom, I might struggle with keeping my baby quiet, or How can I get time for myself
  • As a young student, I might struggle with doing my homework or sleeping while studying 
  • As an Entrepreneur, I might struggle with getting more customers

So if your readers are Entrepreneurs then you can write about How to get more and more customers or strategies to get new customers. 

3. What do my readers want


  • As a new blogger, I might want to get more and more readers so that I can make some money
  • As a dog owner, I might want to good dog trainer  
  • As a mom, I might want to keep my baby as healthy as possible or How can I raise my baby as a good person 
  • As a young student, I might want to get good marks in Exams 
  • As an Entrepreneur, I might want to grow my business Exponentially 

So if your readers are Moms then you can write about how you can keep your baby heathy and strong, or you can write about How to raise a Child. 

4. What do my readers want to learn


  • As a new blogger, I might want to learn How I can optimize my blog to get more and more traffic 
  • As a dog owner, I might want to learn What a Dog should eat 
  • As a mom, I might want to learn How to get in shape again or how to find the best birthday present for my Baby or his/her Dad.
  • As a young student, I might want to learn How to study for hours
  • As an Entrepreneur, I might want to learn how to do Public speaking or I might want to learn Basic Finance 

So if your readers are Young Student then you can write content about How you can study for hours and hours without getting tired or without feeling sleepy.

5. What are your readers asking

You can know what your readers are asking what are their question on websites like Quora (which is a Question and Answer website) or Reddit. 

You just have to go on and then just enter your niche in the search box and press enter and then there would be a sidebar in left select questions over there.

Quora - Blogging

These are some of the most asked questions about blogging so from here you can get blogging Ideas about

  • How to Make Money from Blogging. 
  • How to start a Blog 
  • Best Blogging Platforms 
  • How to get traffic on my Blog 


There is one more Example:

You can’t write a blog on every question asked here, you should filter it out like you can write an article on 

  • Most dangerous Dog Breeds 
  • Foods that are Bad for Dogs 

And for others, you can make a Frequently ask Questions Page and then on that page you can answer all these small questions like 

  • Are cats smarter than Dogs 
  • Do dogs actually love us 
  • Are Dog better than Humans 

6. My Secret Strategy

The best way to get a lot of Blog Topic Ideas in seconds is by looking at your competitors, So now let me explain this strategy

  • Search for best websites in your Niche
  • copy that website’s URL – (
  • Go to Ubersuggest 
  • Paste the URL that you copied and enter country’s name which you want to target and then press search
  • Click on “Top Pages With Traffic” in the left Sidebar

Now you can see these are the Top ranking Pages, and you can also write about this topic and if you scroll down then you will found more and more.

This is the best way to find a lot of Blog Topic Ideas, but there is a problem the tool that we used “Ubersuggest” is not totally free and certain time they will suggest you to buy their tool.

But I would not recommend you to buy anything and even if you want to buy then you should go for Ahrefs which is the Best tools for Bloggers. 

So how can you find more Blog topic ideas for free, just go on your competitor’s website and go to their blog page, here you can find all the articles that your competitor have written till now and you can get a lot of Blog topic Ideas from their as well. 

So now you have a lot of Blog topic Ideas, but the question is how to write your first Article, So that’s what we are gonna see learn now. 

6. How to write your first Article

Now let’s see how to create your first Article, and for you, I will create an article with you so that you can practically understand what I’m saying. 

1. Analyze your Competitor's Article

Analyze articles which are ranking on the same topic you are writing about and then see what they have written, how they have written and read their articles. 

So you can get an idea of how people in your niche write articles and what you should write and How you should write. 

And then make sure to calculate words in their article (How many words does an article contain), this will help you to know How big your article should be and mostly 2,000 to 3,000 words article perform very well. 

You can use to know how many words are there in any article, just copy your competitor’s whole article and paste it in and then this tool will let you know how many words are there in any particular article. 

If most of the articles ranking in 1st page of google are small then you don’t have to write a very big article, but if most of them are big (4,000 to 10,000 words) then you also have to write a big article. 

And usually, search engines like Google prefer big articles because they are more informative and helpful for any user

2. Make outline of your Blog and Research

Now you can write an outline of your Blog means write your title, then you can write all the steps of your article and then some points that you are gonna add, You can see this example to get an Ideas how to outline your Article.

Blog Outline

After creating an outline of your blog like this research about every topic that you cover in this blog, and that’s why I usually suggest people to choose a Niche about which they have experience and passion. 

Because then you have a lot of knowledge about that topic and you’ll waste less time in researching about everything. 

3. Start writing

Now everything is done you have research competitor’s article, you have outlined your article and researched every topic that you are gonna write about. 

So now it’s time to start writing and yes, obviously your first article is not going to be the best, but this is the skill that comes with practice. 

The more you will read a blog, the more you’ll write, the easier it will become and then you would be able to write articles like a pro. 

Tips to make your article compelling

Keep your Content Conversational –When you are writing your content make sure it’s in active-voice like you are actively talking to a person sitting in front of you.

Add Images – Add images in your content, it keeps people interested in reading and without images, your article would look died, so try to keep it lively and interesting.

Keep your language simple – Don’t use complicated and long words just to show how good your English is, you are writing articles for the people, and some of them might not be as well-read as you are, So use simple language so that everyone can understand. 

Write catching Headline – Most of the people will decide they want to click on your website or not just by reading your headline, so creating a catchy headline is very necessary. 

Make your Content Actionable  – if you are spending hours and hours in writing content then you want your reader to take some actions if you are writing on How to lose weight, then you want people to take action and do exercise and yoga to reduce weight.

So it is very important that your content should be actionable. 

Your content should be able to provide answer –  you are not writing articles just for the sake of writing, you are doing it for a purpose, to help people. 

And if your content is not able to help people then your content is useless, So your content should provide all the answer to your reader’s question.

Be accurate in your Content – Let’s say you wrote an article How many people died because of the COVID-19, and then the no. you told to people was far less than the actual number and then thousands of people read it that very fewer person died because of COVID-19 and then they started taking COVID-19 very less seriously. 

Do you know how much damage it will create in society? and if your blog is reputable then just think what would happen, what would happen of your own reputation and your blog’s image that you build after so much hard work. 

 So always make sure that your content is accurate and you don’t spread a bad message to the society. 

Create Engaging and thought-provoking Content 

Write Short Paragraph – People will lose interest if you write very big paragraphs

7. Optimizing your content

Search Engine Optimization is the process that helps you to get to the 1st Page of Googe and it helps in ranking your article, and website owners use this process to get more and more traffic to their websites. 

And in most of the cases, organic traffic is the biggest source of traffic on websites, and that’s what shows us how important it is, to do our Search Engine Optimization (SEO). 

SEO involves a lot of advanced strategies but for now, we will just discuss some basic SEO techniques that you can do while writing your content.

First I will show you changes that you can do in your content to optimize it and then we will see How you can use Rank Math Plugin that we installed earlier. 

How to Optimize your Content

  • Use your Main Keyword in the Post Title – (Main Keyword Meaning the topic that you are writing on, ex. if you writing on How to lose weight then How to lose weight is your Main keyword)
  • Keep your URL short and clean and use your Main keyword in your title as well. 
  • Try to use your Main keyword in your first and last paragraph – that indicated google what’s the article about. 
  • You Main keyword (or primary keyword) density should be around 1% – If your article is of 2,000 words then your main keyword should appear approximately 20 times.
  •  Use the primary keyword in 1 or more subheadings 

look in this example I have used my main keyword (primary keyword) which is concept cars in the title, URL, Tags in the starting of the article and in the subheading as well, so you have to do the same. 

And to edit your URL, you have to click on that setting option in the upper right corner, then you can change your url and after all those changes you have to click on update and update your article. 

  • Add Images and use your primary keyword at least once in the alt text of your images 

To enter alt text of your image just click on the image and then scroll and you will see the box where you can enter alt text of image, over there you have to put your Main Keyword, at least in 1 image alt text, and don’t put it on more than 3 images. 

Alt text means a small description of image so the image you are seeing is the image of an concept car so that’s why I have written best concept car.

  • Add your primary keyword in your meta description and write a meta description for every post 

To add you meta description you have to click on that score in the upper right corner, then you have to click on edit snippet 

Now here you can write your meta description it should describe what is in the article and make sure to add your primary keyword in your meta description and it should be around 130 – 160 words, after that just update it and you are done.

  • Highlight important points 
  • Add at least 2 internal links in your article (links that link to your other posts)
  • Add at least 2 external links in your article (links that link to an external source that you found helpful for your visitors)
  • Improve Page speed (you are using the best theme – Astra and best Hosting – Bluehost, so you don’t have to worry a lot about speed, but you can use compress image, so images in your article should load fast – – best Online image compressor.) 
  • Create catchy headlines to increase CTR (click-through-rate)

How to use Rank math SEO Plugin

Now you have to click on the score in the upper right corner and then enter your Main keyword in the “Focus Keyword” box. And then you will get a score like I have got a 91% score. 

So it shows how much your blog is SEO Optimized, if you already go a score above 81 to 90 then everything is fine. 

If it’s not that high then you have to optimize your article, and I will show you how to do it. 

To optimize your website for rank math SEO plugin, they have made 4 step SEO Optimization method, So according to that steps you have to optimize your website and these are those steps.

8. How to Monetize your Blog

There are a lot of ways to earn from a blog and you will get to know all those in your blogging journey, but for now, will see the best and most reliable way to earn money from your Blog. 

Google Adsense

Google Adsense is a platform created by Google to help bloggers earn money online, it’s an ad network, means advertiser who wants to sell their products Online run advertisements on google and if someone visits on your website and click on ad then you’ll get paid. 

And to use Google Adsense to earn money from your blog, you have to get approved by Google and to get approval from Google you have to do certain things like –

You have to create policy privacy and Contact us Page, your website should at least have 15-20 article, your website should at least get 2,000-3,000 visitors per month. 

And you’re earning on Google Adsense depends on the quality and quantity of your website’s visitors and their click-through-rate CTR (percentage of people clicking on ads on your website). 

Google Adsense is a good way to start out and start earning initially, but you should not depend on it totally because mainly in India, the cost-per-click on Ads is very low (means you can’t earn a lot if you are not in high paying niche).  

So it should not be your only source of income from blogging, not only because it can’t make you a lot of money but it also ruins your website’s customer experience and load speed because ads code are heavy and it slows down your website a little bit. 

Many affiliate marketers just reject to use google Adsense, because they earn a lot from Affiliate Marketing and that’s what are next point is Affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing

Affiliate Marketing is a process in which you promote other people’s (company’s) product or services to your blog or any other audience through a specific link and if they buy that product you get a small commission. 

Sometimes this commission is fixed – For Example – if you sell this product then your commission will be $10 or your commission can be in percentage like 10% of the product’s price. 

And sometimes it could be recurring as well. Explanation –  a lot of software and services don’t use the onetime payment method, you have to pay them on a monthly or yearly basis like Netflix, So if you sell these types of services or software then they pay you monthly commission for every sale till the customer pays them. 

All these types of commission depend on which affiliate program you join. 

So how to start affiliate Marketing:

  • Join affiliate program related to your niche (if your niche is shoes then you should join shoes related affiliate program, or amazon which have all types of products). 

And if you really want to dive into affiliate marketing then you should join Affiliate Networks because they have all types of an affiliate program from all niches, So that you can join al lot of affiliate program and then you can sell a lot of products. 

These are some of the Best Affiliate Networks that you can join – Share A Sale, Awin, CJ Commission, Click Bank   

  • Choose the best product to sell to your Audience
  • Write Articles related to your affiliate products.
  • Build your Email List 
  • Grow your Business with paid ads 

Affiliate Marketing is a little bit advanced method to Earn Online from your blog, you have to even create a Paypal account to receive payment from international businesses and to grow your business you have to also build your email list. 

So it will take some time for you as well to earn all those things, and that’s why I suggested you Google Adsense as a first way to monetize your blog.

It’s one of the ways you can create a huge Online business, So at least you should give it a try.

Selling your own products

You can use this strategy when your website starts getting a considerable amount of visitors because starting your own brand needs at least a little bit of investment. 

And creating your brand, your brand image does need a little bit of experience as well. besides that, it’s obviously a great idea to earn money from a blog. 

Even you can see a lot of examples of bloggers selling their own products, services or even digital products, so you can do it too. And if you look at huge blogger, they make most of their sales with selling their own products or with affiliate marketing. 

So now how you can create your own brand and sell your own products. 

The key to selling products on your blog is your Audience and Conversion rate.

The key to selling online is the size of your audience and how many of them convert into your paying customers. 

But before that, you have to list your products on your website and then set up your payment processing software. 

To list your products you can just simply create a page with the name in the title “Our products” and then in that page, and then you have to install “woo-commerce” plugin to sell your products online. 

Then list your products on your site and then use “WordPress simple PayPal shopping cart” for processing your payments and here you also have to create a Paypal account. 

And check if everything is working fine. 

Now you are done with setting up your online shop, now you have to focus on growing your audience base and then converting them into your customer. 

And it’s a big thing but I will sum it up for you – So to increase your audience you have to write more and more compelling and SEO optimized article to rank on google and to get more and more traffic. 

And make sure that this traffic should be relevant to the niche of your website and your products. 

And to increase the conversion rate of your products you should try out new ideas and improve the quality of your products.

9. How to Promote your Blog

Personally I don’t like promoting my blog a lot because in most cases 90% of blog traffic comes from organic search, so that’s where I focus the most and not in promoting my blog. 

But if you have asked then here is the answer – 

VIP (Very Important Point) – Before promoting your blog or even creating any content, you should create your audience persona means you should know How your audience looks like – What is their age group, what are their demographics, who are the professionally, what are looking for, What are their interests,  what challenges do they face etc.

Creating your customer’s persona or Audience persona, because it will help you to decide on what topic you should write your content and it will also help you to create content relevant to your audience and about the topics that are most important to them. 

Social Media

Social Media is obviously a very good way to promote your content but  I would suggest you to use Pinterest more than anything to promote your blog because it will give you a lot of website visits.

And Instagram is not a good place to promote your blog because you are not gonna get website visits from Instagram and it is my personal experience so you can trust me, but obviously you can use it to create a brand.


Quora is also one of the best ways to promote your articles, Quora is a question and Answer website, so a lot of people might be asking question related to your niche as well. 

So you just have to answer their question in a simple and short way and then you can give a link to you website where they can get more information about what you have just told them. 

And on quora as well you have to rank your answer and if your answer is good and a little bit big then others then your answer will rank on top pretty easily. 

Just write a better answer then everyone who has written answer to the same question and then add your link at last so that if someone whats to know more about that thing then they can easily visit your site. 

Commenting on popular Blog

So in this technique, you have to write comments on popular blogs in your Niche, so what you have to do is, first of all, find a popular blog in your Niche. 

Write a helpful comment on his article and make sure it’s helpful for his readers and it’s related to the same content, and don’t do it in a spammy way, do it professionally, to build a relation.

And this relation will help you a lot in future so don’t spam, try to build relationships with that blogger. 

And one more trick is finding articles that don’t have a lot of comment but have a lot of traffic so that your comment will rank in the top of the comments section.

And everyone will see your comment and if they are interested in knowing you then they will click on your comment. 

And you have to add your website’s URL in that comment and this is how you’ll get traffic. 

But you have to do it a lot to get a considerable amount of visits to your site.

Guest Posting

Guest posting is one of the best ways to get backlinks and as well as traffic to your website and to promote your website. 

So what is Guest posting or guest blogging, in guest blogging you have to write a post for someone else blog and then you get a backlink and traffic from the post that you have gave them for free. 

So what you have to do is first find blogs that accepts guest posts and for that you just have to search in google – websites that accpets guest posts in “your” Niche. 

Then you’ll get a list of websites that accepts guest posts from other people, so now you have to check if that website is good or not to give a post to them. 

So for that just copy the website’s url that accepts guest post and enter it in any keyword research tool like Ahrefs, Semrush or Ubersuggest, and find out how much traffic they are getting, their DA (Domain Authority). 

And if they have good traffic and their Domain Authority is more than 20 then you can write a Guest Post for them, so now you just have to find their email address which could find easily on their contact us page or in the bottom of their website. 

And then get in toch with them and tell that you are ready to write a Guest post for their website and then they will suggest you the topic that you should write about, how much words does it should contain and everything related to that post. 

Then you have to write a post for them according to their rules and in return you will get a backlink and traffic from them.

but it’s a little bit advance way to get backlink and traffic from guest posting, so I will suggest you to visit this article to know more about Guest Blogging – “”

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

A blog is a way to spread your knowledge and experience on the internet. And as a blogger, you have to write articles to help other people on the internet with whatever you are experienced in.

And in return, you can make money by monetizing your blog with Google Adsense or Affiliate marketing.

You can obviously start a blog for free there are a lot of websites which provide your free hosting and Domain and with the help of that, you can start an experimental blog, just to know what blog is really.

But if you are serious then you should start a blog begetting a shared hosting and your own domain as I showed you in this article. 

Because if you start a blog for free the hosting that you will get would be very slow because hundreds or maybe thousands of other people would be hosting their website for free on that same server.

And the domain that you would get would also be a subdomain, which means if you buy a domain from me for free, then your domain name would be “” and it means your domain’s credibility and authority will be low and you wouldn’t rank on Google. 

So if you want to get a free domain and hosting then you should just get it for trial purpose, but if you are serious about blogging and if you want to make it your full-time job then you should go for a paid solution.

Many people think that I should write about the popular topic so that I will get traffic and then I will start making money instantly. 

But I think it’s totally wrong blogging is a long-term game, you should choose to write about something that excites you, a topic which you like, you are passionate about, in which you are experienced. 

Because as I said blogging is a long-term game, so if you write about something that you like then you would not get bored or tired by doing it and you would love to do it, so chances of your blog exploding with traffic are also very high. 

And if you choose to write about a popular topic just for money then there are already huge blogs which get millions of traffic, which have SEO experts, Content Marketing expert working for them.

They have credibility, authority, their content better than you, they have more backlinks (a very important factor in SEO) how are you gonna compete with them. 

So you should choose something that you like as a niche of your blog. 

A very simple answer is it depends if your blog is getting a good amount of quality traffic, then obviously you will earn a lot. 

Studies show that an average blogger in India earns about $500 to $1000 (₹35,000 to ₹50,000) per month and an expert blogger with a good team makes around $20,000 to $30,000 (₹15,00,000 to ₹20,00,000)per month which is far better than what an engineer earns per month.

But it’s far less than what an average American blogger earns because Adsense (Google has made google AdSense to help bloggers earn from their blog) earning is really good in America, So you can even target American audience to make more money as a blogger. 

Usually, I don’t suggest to go for money profits first, in my opinion, you should choose a niche which excites and interest you, but you should at least now some of the most profitable Niches, So here you go. 

  1. Health & Fitness. 
  2. Jobs & Career. 
  3. Finance 
  4. make Money Online
  5. Technology. 
  6. Relationship & Dating. 
  7. Sports – Cricket, IPL.
  8. Arts & Culture. 
  9. Real Estate & Properties.

Unfortunately, millions of Domains are already bought, and it’s quite obvious that your domain might also be bought already and now there is nothing you can do actually. 

You have to choose something else as your Domain Name, or you can use another extension like if “” is already bought then you can buy “” or .ORG, .Net. 

But even then .com is the most popular extension and people might not remember if your extension is .COM or.IN or anything else. 

So I will suggest you to find something new as your Domain Name. 

Hosting companies play a very big role in your websites load time, speed and uptime, So it’s very necessary to get a reliable and trusted hosting company which will help you with your website’s speed, uptime and customer support.

So these are the best Hosting companies 

If you want to know more about hosting and how you should choose then you should visit my article of 11 Best Hostings Companies in the world

There are millions of blog online, but a lot of people don’t even earn from their blog, then there are thousands of people who earns from blogs, and then there are some extra ordinary people who earns in millions from their blog. 

So now we are talking about that last group and there is a lot that you can earn from these blogs and their owner. 

So here you go these are the Biggest and Highest-Paid Bloggers in the World 

  1. HuffPost: $500 million per year
  2. Engadget$47.5 million per year
  3. Moz$44.9 million per year
  4. PerezHilton$41.3 million per year
  5. Copyblogger$33.1 million per year
  6. Mashable$30 million per year
  7. TechCrunch$22.5 million per year
  8. Envato Tuts+$10 million per year
  9. Smashing Magazine$5.2 million per year
  10. Gizmodo$4.8 million per year

If you post your articles strategically at least 2-3 times per week then you can easily start earning money from your blog within 6 to 12 months. 

But make sure to go for less competitive keywords, because then your website will rank easily. If you are ready to put at least 1 year of work then you can easily create a successful Blog. 

Getting your first 1,000 visitors is not at all a big thing and this is how you can do it.

  • Research and find less competitive and high traffic keywords in your Niche. 
  • Create great content on that topic. 
  • Write an eye-catching headline. 
  • Make sure your blog looks professional. 
  • Optimize your blog very well with SEO. 
  • Try to get backlinks from high authority websites. 
  • Don’t say no to learning.


So now I think after reading this article, you’ll be well trained to create your own website, and hopefully, all of your doubts would be clear and if still, you have any doubt then you can ask it in the comment section. 

And if you think I should add something then please let me know, because it will help me and other people as well. 

Creating a blog is not that hard, but continuing it, monetizing it and then making it a living, needs a lot of efforts. 

Be like a river, let obstacles come into your life, let them disturb you, let them try to change your flow, let the world do whatever they want to do, let society say want they want to say about you, but don’t let anyone hold you back, just keep flowing. 

We all know the internet has become a huge thing, and if you are not leveraging it then what are you doing, we have the cheapest internet plan in the whole world, don’t use it for just wasting time on social media and destroying yourself. 

There are a lot of productive things that you can do with it, don’t waste your time, do something. 

Do it for yourself, Do it for the people that you love, Do it for our country. 

Don’t let anyone hold you back from what you want to do

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