6 ways to grow Jewellery Business and make profits in (2020)

Grow your Jewellery Business

Do you have a Jewellery Business  and you doesn’t know how to grow your Business that’s the biggest problem you can face, 

So I have made this guide on how you can grow your Jewellery Business and make it profitable, I have given some point’s from a case study of my friend’s dad Business.

He was also having the same problem and my friend told me about how they are losing there customers and how they are going in loss. 

Then I decided to help his dad with whatever knowledge I have in Business.

Almost around 1 year later his dad’s shop was running good and since then 3 years are passed and they are making a lot of profit.

Here are 6 things you need to achieve to grow your Jewellery Business

  1. Customers trust or loyalty
  2. Advertising and Marketing
  3. Good Designs of Jewellery
  4. Maintaining Good relations with Customers
  5. Delighting your customers
  6. Stealing others strategy

1. Customers Trust and Loyalty

Maybe customer’s trust is not necessary for any other business, but in Jewellery Business you have to win customers trust,

Because jewellery is one of the thing that a normal middle class person buy very rarely.

You have to win customers trust,Customers are king  so how to win customer’s loyalty

Be available – Be available to your customers whenever they need you, many times it happens with customers that jewellery shop owners says that this is not brought from our shop and we can’t help you. You shouldn’t do that.

But this is your opportunity to acquire new customer grab this opportunity

Don’t be a Businessman or salesman be a adviser or consultant, suggest them what is good for them and always try to help them.

Be Honest – Honesty is the best way to earn customers trust, become transparent and open with your customers.

Suppose you are charging some money from customer but he is not ready to buy that Jewellery at that price and he didn’t bought any thing from you.

But you said sir this much is the last cost of the jewellery this much is making cost and this much is our profit,

If you want to buy at this price then fine or I can’t give it in less price.

You can check the price at other jeweller’s shop.

At this point you are fully transparent so there are high chance that he will buy that jewellery from you


He will remember this incident for a long time, so he may come next time to your shop and he will also become one of your promoters due to your transparency.

2. Advertising and Marketing

If you have a very less customer base then you can’t grow your Business even if you make your customers loyal, you have to grow your brand.

How to do this

There are several mediums and tools available for you to advertise like Facebook, Instagram, Google etc

The most beneficial would be to start your own Website and do local SEO on your website and rank on google then whenever any one will search for Jewellery shop near me or Best Jewellery shop in dash city.

Then google will show your website where you can give your Phone number and your shop address to your customers and you can also start E-commerce store.

There is a huge opportunity for you as $135- million online jewellery sector has been rapidly growing in India in recent years and is projected to become a $2Billion market by 2022

You can also advertise offline, the main focus is to reach more audience and gain more customers.

You have to invest in advertisement to grow you customers base and ultimately it will grow your jewellery Business.

3. Good Designs

This is the core part of any jewellery Shop, for improving your designs you can hire more professional people or do whatever you want to do to improve your Designs of your Jewellery

Some points you must keep in mind while making designs

  1. The wearer’s personal life and which designs he or she may like
  2. Make it affordable for huge range of people
  3. You can also take inspiration from other stores and browse on internet

Let’s move on to our next step

 It’s the most important thing you can do to grow your Jewellery business and you must do it maintaining good relations is most important in any Business.

My own Example: We buy all of the groceries from the shop where my dad’s friend is working, We buy all our Jewellery from my friend’s dad,

I almost buy all the apparel from the shop whose owner is very friendly with us and recognizes us quickly.

This is human tendency we like to buy products from the shop whose owner is very friendly with us.

Compare these two shop owners 1st owner is friendly with you, he is giving attention to you. 2nd owner is not giving attention to you or he is busy in other work and not providing you what you want to buy

Choose and decide who you want to be the 1st or 2nd owner.

5. Delighting Your customer

Satisfying is not enough you have to delight your customer, Imagine that you are very hungry and you are travelling from your car and suddenly you saw my shop and you ordered 2 Burger and instead I gave you 2 pizza and said sir Burger is not available right not please adjust.

Now you are satisfied because after eating Pizza your hunger is gone but it is not enough You have to learn how to satisfy your customer imagine that instead giving you a normal pizza I gave you a special pizza for which my shop is very popular and you liked it very much.

Now the cost of Pizza has increased but I demanded the money of normal pizza may be you remember this incident for many months whenever you will eat pizza or burger.

Here’s the concept in this strategy there is totally my loss, but in future whenever you will go from that road then most probably you will like to have a dinner in my hotel.

Just delight your customers

6. Stealing others strategy

Pablo Picasso has a saying Good artists copy, great artists steal.

Some time people confuse between stealing and copying, but there is a huge difference in that, try to learn from your competitor and try different thing to grow your business.

Just experiment different thing and implement new strategies and keep involving with the time.

You should try strategy  your competitors are using to grow their Jewellery Business


These were  strategies to grow your jewellery Business, Hope this article may help you.

Comment down if you have some unique strategies to grow Jewelery Business.

Thanks for giving you precious time in reading this Atricle.

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