How to start Xerox Business (7 Steps Ultimate Guide) for 2020

How to start Xerox Business

1. Location

If you are starting any offline Business then location matters the most and if you buy a location perfect for your Xerox shop then half of your work is already done, So just find a great location for shop and I have a great idea to find an ideal place for your shop just go out and search on google Xerox shop near me and just go to every shop and spend some time keeping an eye on their shop and just see how many people come to their shop on Hour basis.

If you don’t want to do hard work then these are some of the places your business can do well = near Schools and College, offices, crowded places, Railway stations and you shop can also do well in places where paperwork is needed. 

After figuring out the location of your business look if there are particular rules and regulations for starting Business in your country or state. 

2. Make some calculations

If you want to start this business then you have to buy some equipment like Xerox Machine A4 size papers and that need some upfront investment and before directly starting a business and buying all the stuff, Calculate that is this Business profitable, sustainable and scalable. If Yes then you are ready to go and if No then you have to figure out something or you should start another Business. 

So, How to Calculate If the Business is profitable, sustainable and scalable  

You can know the answer of all these three questions by Analyzing other Xerox Business, calculate how many customers are they getting, calculate how much profits are they making and after all that calculate that if this much amount can replace my Job or whatever that is making you money in the current situation. 

3. Equipment needed to start Xerox Shop

Offline business always needs some investment to start Business and in this Business, you have to buy equipment like Xerox Machine, Papers, some stationary kind of stuff like Pen, Glue, books, staplers, Files etc. 

Make sure that you should also have some upselling and down selling products which you can offer with your main Business.

For example. If a student comes to you and says make three copies of these papers and after that, you make three copies and gave it to him and then he says do you have file because I don’t have a bag to carry these papers and at this point, you can get 15 to 30 Rs of upsell. 

If you have such products in upsells and Downsells then you can increase your revenue by considerable numbers 

4. Taking your Business Online

This century is of online businesses if you will do business in these times with traditional methods it can’t grow very much, you have to take it to next level and by next level I mean to say Online. 

Just start a website and become an affiliate with Amazon and now you might be thinking how can I make xerox copies Online no it’s not possible. No, I’m not saying that I’m saying make a website and then start selling Xerox Machine and other stationery items on your website with the help of Amazon.

 (Affiliates are the people who generate sales for and whenever people buys any product from your link you will get a commission from 2 to 10 per cent)

5. Marketing

Marketing is one of the most important things in growing any Business and many times people don’t pay attention to it.

So make posters and flyers and distribute them to people, analyze your competitor how he is driving more customers o his Business. 

And if you are also starting an Online Business as I said Xerox Machine selling Business then you can also run ads on Facebook, Instagram and other social media sites 

6. Tie up with Business or People

Offices, schools, and colleges are always looking for a good xerox shop to tie-up with because they always want to make a ton of copies for student’s exams and offies needs for their work, etc. 

So it’s a good chance you can also contact some schools and colleges near your shop or many times they are directly looking for Xerox Machine and you can also provide them with that 

You can also tie-up with some businesses like Mcdonalds have a tie-up with Cocacola, in your case you can tie up with some stationery store that doesn’t have Xerox machines.

7. Scaling your Business

Know everything is set, you have started to earn some profits know your Business has become sustainable and everything is done right. No, you are wrong here many people get stuck or didn’t want to grow more. This is what called a 

Here I have a great idea you can scale this Business by franchising your Business giving a franchise of your Business is a little bit complicated but you can analyze many giants that have started their franchise like McDonald’s and KFC.

Find out what are the fundamental of starting a franchise what paperwork are needed to open your franchise.

But make sure that at the time of scaling this Business you should also calculate your profits many times scaling kills Businesses, So basically analyze that if scaling your business is really needed. 

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