Autobiography of Jack Ma – A inspiring story

Jack ma a very smart and successful entrepreneur says his story in his words, how he come back over his failures and fears in his terrible life and.

How Jack ma started Alibaba which now today’s one of the successful companies.

Small introduction of Jack Ma

Jack Ma is a Chinese business magnate, investor, politician and philanthropist. 

He is the co-founder and former executive chairman of Alibaba Group, a multinational technology conglomerate. 

Jack Ma is a strong proponent of an open and market-driven economy.

Autobiography of Jack Ma

I did not have a rich father 

Tried 3 times for university, All failed

I applied for Harvard for 10 times. All failed, they don’t even want to see me

For the last time, I went to the teacher’s college which was considered the third or fourth class of my city.

I applied Jobs for thirty times. Got rejected

Failure Quotes

Never give up today is hard tomorrow will be worse, but the day after tomorrow will be sunshine

Don’t give up very easily because sometimes God fails you not because you are not capable of that thing but God know that you are much more capable then that.

Sometimes life’s going to hits you in head with a brick, just don’t lose faith

It was so difficult at that time, I was so frustrated because I taught in the university. My pay was 10$ a month.

Because I could not find a good job

In 1994, discussed that I am going to do something called internet and 23 of them against.

They said- “This is stupid idea, we’ve never heard about the internet and you know nothing about computer.”

And I never thought I was smart. Nobody believed that I could be successful

Because everybody said_ “This guy think differently, think crazily. He’ll think about something that will never work.”

I tried to borrow USD 3,000 from the banks it took me 3 months but I still couldn’t get it.

We talked to over 30 or 40 venture capitalists. Everybody said no. Forget it.

Lot of people said Alibaba is a terrible model as I said – “I believe it. I think this thing could be big.”

I never thought it would be that big like today.

But I believe that something is waiting for me there and I have to work hard to prove myself and that was the tough experience.

So, we gathered $50,000 from 18 founders. We started.

For the first 3 years, we did not have even $1 revenue from our business.

It was not easy.

But why it keeps us going ahead, going forward because I received lots of emails of thanks from the customers.

They said- “This is such a great thing. We cannot pay you but this thing helped us”

If you keep on helping us, one day you will be successful and I believed this.

Little by little we built up our business.

Little by little we built up our ecosystem of the infrastructure.

And new after 16 years, we have Alibaba group, we have tmall group, we have Taobao group and we have Alipay

And people say – “You’re so smart, how could you make a company like that.”

Bill gates, Warren buffet, Jack welch, Larry page, mark zukerberg.

The difference between those people and other people – They are always optimistic for the future.

They never complain. They always try to solve the problems of the others.

When you’re optimistic, it’s always opportunity.

People say the same thing here today – “Jack where is the opportunity?

I don’t have a job. I don’t have this, I don’t have that.”

We’re at the best time of this century.

The best assets you have is that you’re young

Don’t complain. Let the other people complain.

The opportunity always lies where people complain.

Think about how you can make thing different.

Is there anything I can do that makes the difference and then when you think about this, start to do it.

I saw a lot of people, young people have fantastic ideas every evening.

But in the morning they go to the office same again.

Being entrepreneur, you have to do the things before other people do.

You have to wake up before the other people wake up.

You have to be more brave than the others.

Use your instinct. Everything you do is to the need of the customer.

To everybody, to any person, tomorrow is new.

Make the move. Make the action.

Weather investors believe it or not, Weather your friends believe it or not. Weather your parents believe it or not.

That’s not important.

You believe it, your team believe it and work day and night on this.

That’s how the things happen.

Make enough mistakes. You fall. You stand up.

Any mistake is an income. It is a wonderful revenue.

Don’t worry about the money. Money follows people.

People should follow their dreams.

If you have a dream, just go ahead.

I think nobody can conquer the world. We only can serve the world.

Either work for others or work for yourself and I choose the way of working for myself.

Working for myself that means working for the society.

If you really want to work for yourself, think about the others

Because only when the other people are successful, when the other people are happy

You will be successful. You will be happy.