5 ways to make money during (coronavirus lockdown) 2020

Mke Money during coronavirus lockdown

COVID-19 is a vastly spreading virus and do you know approximately 20% of the world’s population is on Lockdown it’s a huge number and the Governments all around the globe are taking massive actions to control the increasing number of COVID-19 cases.

But this virus is not just targeting people, it is targeting our economy. Almost all the businesses are closed, all of them are facing losses, all the employees are at home, the stock market is seeing a huge downfall.

If this goes on like this then it can lead to a very huge economic crisis and how many days can we survive without our salary?

So it’s very important to make money and as I said almost 20% of the global population is on lockdown so how can we make money by sitting home.

That’s why I have researched and listed some business ideas to make money from Home and these Business Ideas are divided into two parts.

  1. Passive income source – These Business Ideas are for those people who have savings that can be used at least for 4 to 6 months.
  2. Fast Money-Making Business Ideas – For people who don’t have money at least for a month and want to make money today 

Long term Business Ideas you can start during COVID 19 lockdown

These Business Ideas are for those people who want to explore something new or want to learn something new or if you want to start a new source of income during this free time due to lockdown.

There are many Business Ideas you can start online where there is no need of going out from your home, but many of such businesses are also facing losses due this coronavirus.

So I have made a list of Business Ideas for you which can be started in minimum investment and even you can continue to make money from these business Ideas after this coronavirus crisis.

1. Start a Youtube channel

Youtube Channel one of the best business Ideas for beginners

Starting a youtube channel is the best way according to me to start making money during Coronavirus lockdown.

As there are many topics related to coronavirus on which people want knowledge and you can start making videos on that topic.

I have an amazing Idea let me tell you = start a youtube channel on topics related to this  virus and start making videos on topics like how to protect yourself, what are the precautions to take, how did this virus is spreading so fast, etc. 

Then after the virus will hopefully gone you can say to the audience that due to coronavirus I have started this channel 

“but now it is gone and that’s why I decided to start a new youtube channel of my interest and you can subscribe to that channel” 

This will give you an initial boost to your youtube channel.

So if you are interested in start youtube channel then let’s jump inton the steps to start Youtube channel  

Steps to start a Youtube channel

  1. Watch tutorials on Youtube and create your youtube channel 
  2. Then start making videos, you can also record your videos even with your smartphone initially and upload it on youtube 
  3. After that you have to cross 1000 subscribers and 4000 hours of watch time to monetize your channel with ads.
  4. Watch time is one of the most important factors on Youtube So try to make a video from 12 to 15 minutes and try to engage your audience.
  5. Clickthrough rate is another one of the most important factors in Youtube SEO and how you can get more clicks by creating an attractive thumbnail.
  6. Lastly, learn and try to analyze as SEO keeps on changing.

2. Start Online Tutoring Business

Tutoring one of the best way to make money during Coronavirus lockdown

Due to this Coronavirus lockdown, almost all the working people are at home and many of them will be interested in learning something new, pursuing their hobby, etc.

So you can start teaching online and there are many platforms available on which you can get a lot of audiences who want to learn something new.

Some of these websites are Udemy, Coursera, Unacademy, etc.you just have to make an instructor account on these platforms and you can start teaching online and you can start this business idea by sitting home.

There might be many people who have joined any offline course and started learning something new and due to lockdown now they are not able to learn that and they might be searching for someone who can teach them that particular thing and you can be that person.

Just share your knowledge you have and you can start earning money. This is really a good business Idea and many people charge around 20,000 to 1,00,00 for any course.

The best advantage in Online tutoring is you can teach thousands and thousands of students at one time and you don’t even need any investment for starting this business.

Just make a good quality content, make a course and then upload it on Online Tutoring websites.

After that, you just have to advertise your course and this is a great opportunity to make money during coronavirus lockdown.

This is also a good way to make money during coronavirus lockdown as you didn’t have to go out and any one can start it.

3. SEO Consultant

This is the best opportunity for everyone to learn SEO who is interested in it. SEO is one of the most rising career options in this digital world and due to COVID-19 many online Businesses are facing problems in earnings and ranking.

Therefore every website owner or Digital marketer would be looking for an SEO expert to rank their website as fast as possible because from many days they would be facing losses in their revenue.

And the only way to increase their revenue is to rank their website on the first page of google on their keyword.

So just start learning Seo from Youtube and Online courses and try to become and expert in it.

Most Successful Digital Marketer and SEO Experts you can follow

4. Freelancing

India is the second-largest country of Freelancers in the world, and many of them earn a very good amount of money.

Freelancers are those people who help businesses by completing their short term projects and freelancers usually charge on an hourly basis.

Freelancing is increasing day by day because they reduce the expense of businesses as they didn’t have to give a particular salary to their employees, they didn’t need to have an office and besides these, there are many advantages for small businesses if they hire a freelancer as compared to an employee.

So let’s see how it works, just go on freelancing websites like Freelancers.com, fiverr.com, upwork.com, etc. 

Then create an account as a freelancer and fill all the required details on their website and start searching for projects you can complete. 

After that, you have to bid on the projects you can complete, while starting you can charge as low as possible to get the first project.

You can also complete some projects for free to enhance your profile and to get more reviews on your profile.

Tips for New Freelancers

  1. Try to make your profile attractive as any client will see your profile before giving you any project.
  2. Offer very low price as compared to others while starting and ask for feedback and review after completing your projects 
  3. Don’t take projects more than you can complete 
  4. Make your brand on social media and youtube this will trust in your clients 
  5. Don’t be fake 

5. Blogging


Blogging is one of the most famous and profitable business ideas you can start during corona lockdown, the only reason I have listed it on last is it takes time to start earning from blogging.

It is not for those who want to make money just in 2 to 3 months, it can at least take 

6 to 12 month for getting your first income from blogging.

But if you are interested in it then let’s see how you can start it 

Steps to Start Blogging

  1. Find your interest on which you can write for hours and hours and yes it’s not for those people who hate writing because blogging is all about writing and sharing your knowledge through your words.
  2. Then find a good hosting and domain provider and buy both of them, it can cost you around 5,000 to 10,000 INR or 50 to 100 USD 
  3. Setup your website on WordPress and get familiar with it 
  4. Start learning SEO and Content Marketing 
  5. Use various technique and trick to grow your traffic 
  6. Monetize your blog with ads or any other method 
Some of the Best Domain and Hosting provider

There are many ways to monetize your blog and make a lot of money and I have discussed all of them in one of my article make sure to read it.

Fast Money-Making Business Ideas

Pay close attention to what I’m gonna tell now because it is very important.

Each and every Government who had implemented lockdown on their country to protect their citizens from COVID-19.

Will not shut down some of the Businesses that are related to the survival of the Human being.

Like Grocery selling, Medical, essential food material selling businesses, Masks and Sanitizer selling Business.

These are some of the businesses which can’t be shut down in any country for more than 1 to 2 months.

So let’s see all of them one by one

1. Grocery selling Business

As I said this Business may shut down but it will not remain shutdown for more than 1 or 2 months.

So if you don’t have much money then you can find any farmer or wholesaler in your relative or within your contact and request them to provide some of the stock of these items.

Keep in mind if your county is on lockdown then it is very hard to find someone who can provide you such items so you have to search and really request them.

You may think that it’s a small business but let me tell you that in these crises demand for such items is more and more but the supply is reducing day by day.

So there is high demand for these items and it can easily help you to make money 

Make sure that you wear the facemask and use sanitizer as well as take all the measures while doing this Business.

This is the best Business Ideas for you if you are looking for an instant income but the only obstacles in your way is finding a farmer or wholesaler and you can start selling it today.

All market giants in this industry are also shut down like Amazon, Grofers, Big Bazaar because they didn’t have delivery boys. That is the lope hole, you can find someone who can provide you such items and then you can start selling them locally.

2. Become a partner with any Restaurant

Almost all the restaurants are closed in the countries which are on lockdown but if you are living in the country which is not on lockdown or on partial lockdown then you can start this business.

Demand for Home delivery of food items is increasing as many people don’t want to go out and many restaurants didn’t have that much delivery boys to fulfill this need

You can request them and they will surely appoint you as a delivery boy.

This can be a good opportunity to make money during the coronavirus lockdown, I know it will not pay you a very good income but it can at least fulfill your needs.

3. Sell Masks and Sanitizer

These are two products that can keep you uninfected from COVID-19 to a certain extent so many people are buying it and the demand for this product is increasing.

As I said in those above two Ideas you have to find someone who can provide these items to you and help you.

After that, you just have to sell those items and the selling price has also increased considerably, due to the increasing demand and reducing supply and don’t buy it from anyone, search for a medical and buy from them and then sell it.

These are some of the money-making Ideas or Business Ideas you can start during the Coronavirus lockdown, but in many countries, these businesses are also shut but they will not be shut down fully.

So you can start these business Ideas and make sure that you should follow all the precautions to protect yourself from this virus. 


You can read the first part of this article if you want to make a long term and passive income source during this coronavirus lockdown and you can read the second part of this article if you want to make instant money from anyway during this coronavirus lockdown.

And that’s it if you liked this article them make sure to let us know in comments and if you are interested in such money making ideas or Business Idea then you can check all our article section or Business section 

I don’t have any intention to motivate people to break the rule of lockdown imposed in many countries but if your government is not against these Business Ideas then you can start them. 

And if you are starting Business ideas discussed in the first part of the article then no need to worry stay home stay safe.

At last, these are our most famous articles related to making money and Business.

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