Make Money with Meesho from Home Today

How to make money from meesho ? | #1 Reselling app

Make Money with Meesho from Home Today

What is Meesho and how to make money from Meesho. Meesho is India’s largest reseller app you can also call it a profitable Business Idea.

Making money with meesho is very simple and today we are going to see two simple ways to make money from Meesho.

Meesho is India’s largest and most trusted marketplace for Resellers, who sell products online through WhatsApp and Facebook. Trusted by over 50,000 Resellers, Meesho helps you grow your online business by providing,

  • Hit products at Lowest prices
  • Best Quality with Easy Return policy
  • Doorstep Delivery all over India
  • Online & COD Payment Options

In last 2 years since inception, Meesho has helped thousands of people earn a livelihood by making it easier for them to start and grow their online Reselling business.

You can earn with Meesho by selling fashion and lifestyle products on Whatsapp and Facebook and other social media sites. Selling with meesho is very easy and simple as compared to amazon and Flipkart.

Best thing is that anyone can sell products with meesho you don’t have to join any affiliate program like amazon and flipkart.

Just download the meesho app and search for products that you like and your customers or your network would like and just click on share option.

you can share that product almost on all social media sites.

Note that when you share any product to customer the price is not shared to them you can add your margin on the product charge and shipping charge, and share the final price with your customer.

When your customer confirms the order, place the order on the app. You will receive all notifications regarding the status of your order. 

Your customer will receive the order in the next 2-3 working days.

If you place a Cash On Delivery order, your customer will make the payment to meesho’s logistics partner.

Meesho will receive the payment and transfer your margin to your bank account within 10 working days.   

If you make an online payment, please collect the final amount (including your margin) from your customer and place order on meesho.

Meesho is not only for the people who want to sell product on this app.

This app is also best app for buying product for yourself and therefore both the type of people can use. 

People who want to buy product as well as people who want to resell product.

So here is our next opportunity to make money from Meesho, you can ask your friends to download this app from your refferal code and they he will surely purchase some product from meesho. 

As meesho is providing variety of catalogs of product in best price and product quality of meesho is also great.

On each purchase of your friend you will get commission.

Commission rates are:

20% commission on your customers first 5 orders and 5% commission for the first 6 months and 1% commission on the sales for 18 months.

There are 4 Different referral level given on  Meesho app and these levels are based on two factors:

  1. Number of successful refferal
  2. number of successful orders of each referred person

these 4 Referral levels are :

  1. Level 0: It shows that you have not successfully referred Meesho app to anyone.
  2. Referring Rising Star: It shows that you have successfully referred one person and as a rising start you will earn 20% of sales of first 5 orders, 5% of sales for first six months and 1% of sales for next 18 months.
  3. Referring Super Star: It shows that you have successfully referred upto 4 people and each refferal has placed a minimium 2 Orders and as you are now became a Reffering Super Star you will receive more commission. Commissions rate will be 35% of sales on the first 5 orders, 5% of sales for first 6 months and 1% of sales for next 18 months. 
  4. Referring Mega Star: It shows that you have successfully referred upto 8 people and each have placed a minimium of 4 orders, and as you have became now a Referring Mega Star you will recieve even more Commission. Commission rate will be 50% of sales on the first 5 orders, 5% of sales for first 6 months and 1% of sales for next 18 months

After reading this commission rates two questions may come in your mind 

  1. How is this Commission rates Calculated 
  2. How to get your Referral Code 

So let’s answer first Question: 

Your Referral Commission will be calculated based on the price of the product and Shipping costs and reseller margin are excluded from this calculation.

Then let’s answer Second Question:

How to get Meesho Refferal Code 

  1. First download the meesho app
  2. Enter your number and click on sign in
  3. Enter your OTP and verify it
  4.  After this click on acount section
  5. Here you will see the Refer and Earn option click on it
  6. Then you will see the option tap to invite friends – tap on it and share with your friends.

Download meesho app from here and get 30 % off on your first order

1. How is my referral commission calculated? 

Calculation of referral commission is based on the price of the product. Shipping costs and reseller margin are excluded from this calculation.

2. How do I convince someone to join Meesho through my referral code? 

After you share the referral link with someone, make sure you call or meet them to talk about the reselling experience through Meesho in detail.

Try to convince them with the fact that it is a zero investment Business Idea and anybody who has the a good Smart phone and a Internet connection can start Reselling from Meesho app.

You should also mention that the end customers can pay through cash-on-delivery and have the option to return the product within 7 days of delivery.

Make sure that you solve all the doubts in their mind about Reselling and placing their orders.

3. Whom should I refer? 

You should refer people who are most likely to put efforts into starting a New Business Idea or reselling business.

To ensure that you don’t end up with reducing each other’s orders, you should refer this app to the relatives  or friends who  live in different city or state 

This are the two ways to make money from meesho reselling and refferals and to get payed by meesho add your bank acount so that meesho can transfer your money directly to your bank account.

That’s how you can start earning money by referring and reselling with Meesho app. It’s easy & simple. You don’t have to invest a single penny to start earning from the Meesho.

Thanks for giving your precious time to read this Article 

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