How to make Mooney from MPL

How to make money from MPL (2020) earn more than 20k playing

How to make Mooney from MPL

Hello beautiful people, today we are going to discuss how to make money from Mpl, as you all might know, Mpl is one of the most famous apps in our youngsters and to make money from this app 

First you have to download Mpl app and you can get it below here, by the ways Mpl has been removed from Google Play store, because of some privacy issues, So make sure that you download it from below link.

And as I said it has some policy privacy issues and they also ask permission to access your contacts and in exchange to that, they give you  5 Rs.

So obviously they have some privacy issues but it’s a very genuine app, and till date, there is not a single fraud or something like that had happened with Mpl, So they ask for your personal detail, but it’s safe.

How to make Money from Mpl

It’s really simple to make money from Mpl first of all just download it from the given link and it may detect my refer code but if it doesn’t detect then please insert this code: “N63FTLYD” then you will get My referral Bonus 10 RS and Welcome Bonus 10 RS and you can play games with this Bonus price. 

There are many games which you can download and play and there are thousands and thousands of league where you can participate and earn money and your earning will be calculated on your rank it means the highest you will score the highest you will get paid and to participate in this leagues Mpl ask for entry fees and this depends on which league you want to participate and you can pay entry fees using Paytm, phone pay or credit and debit card.

They don’t give you a lot of cash even if you win but you can easily get 20 to 50 per day if you play well and as I said there are a lot of Games in Mpl even Pubg and free fire, So you can easily select which game you like and then you can win cash. 

Now the question arises can you withdraw your money from this app and the answer is Yes you can withdraw your earned money from Mpl and there is no criteria of removing cash so you can withdraw a very small amount of money as well.

And don’t worry there are a lot of leagues and a lot of games So you can surely make money and if you will consistently play this game then you can earn as high as 50 to 70 Thousands refer below image to see. Even if you don’t earn that much then also it is very good then just playing  Games. 


What is MPL

In short, it is earn money while you play app where you can earn money based on your ranking in their league and ranking is decided by your score and every league almost last for more than 9 hours and after that, they distribute price based on rankings and they also ask for entry Fees.

There are hell lot of Games on Mpl and a lot of leagues for particular Games so just pay the entry fees and if you scored higher then you will earn money.

Who is the Owner of Mpl

MPL was co-founded by  Sai Srinivas Kiran and Shubh Malhotra and MPL estimated revenue is 2 Crores 

How to withdraw money from mpl

You can easily withdraw your earned money using Amazon pay, Paytm, UPI, and Bank account, but you can’t withdraw bonus money you can only use it to play more leagues.

Does MPL gives Real cash

Yes, but you can’t get money in your hand you have to first participate in their league then you have to win cash and the, at last, you can withdraw this money in your bank account with the help of Paytm and  Amazon pay.

How much you can earn from MPL

If you see to their Business Model there s no limit for you as a player to make money, but top 50 people in MPL have earned more than 20 Thousand and it’s a pretty good amount by just playing games and the top three has earned more then 1 Lakh 

Is MPL Secure

They say that they do their best to protect their user data but MPl cannot ensure you that your data is fully secure.

Why MPl is removed from Play store

As I said earlier they had some privacy issues but they say that they had some technical issues specific to Google’s developer policies

Is MPL banned

No, it’s just a rumor and you can easily download and play it by going on their official website.

Is MPL Indian app

Yes it’s Indian and  Sai Srinivas Kiran and Shubh Malhotra are the owners of this app 

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