5 Ways to make money from Pubg (2020) {Genuine ways}

Do you know Pubg is one of the most famous games all over the world and Imagine how good it can be if you can make money from playing Pubg?

Yes, today I will show you how to make money from Pubg and I’m going to discuss 5 ways to make money from Pubg in this article.

Start a Gaming Youtube Channel

Youtube Channel best way to make money from Pubg

If you are a pro gamer, if you are a sharpshooter, if you love headshots then starting a Gaming Youtube Channel is the best choice for you to make money.

There are many gamers on youtube like which easily generates an income of thousands and thousands of dollars.

Starting a youtube channel is one of the best and easiest ways to make money and especially in India due to the Jio Revolution.

If you love fame, money, love, and respect then youtube is the best choice for you. 

Even if you are not a pro player in Pubg or any other games then also you can gain subscribers by commenting or by making your viewers laugh or completing many challenges.

You should try new things in your youtube videos they should not be boring.

Steps to start a Youtube channel

  • The first step is to create a youtube channel and then start uploading videos 
  • Then you have to cross 1000 subscribers and 4000 hours of watch time to monetize your youtube channel by ads
  • Start making good quality content and improve your standard of videos as you grow (using a good DSLR, mike, lighting, etc is recommended but you can start by your smartphone in starting)
  • Engagement is one of the most important factors in Youtube the more you engage your audience the more youtube will promote you for free. So try to engage with your audience.
  • Marketing is also very important when you are just starting but there is no need for paid marketing you can just share your videos link or your channel link on Facebook, Instagram, or any other social media.
  • Try to make a clickable and interesting thumbnail so that people should feel to click on your video this will improve your clickthrough rate as well as watch time.

Ways to make money from Youtube 

When you will complete 1000 subscribers and 4000 hours watch time then you can monetize your channel with ads.

Affiliate Marketing If you find some great products which you think that everyone interested in gaming should use then you can just give a link to that product from amazon and you can earn commission and to become Amazon Affiliate you have to register as an Affiliate on Amazon.

Super Chat Whenever you will go live at that time people can donate you some money in the form of SUpercaht so that their comment can become highlighted and you can reply to it.

Donation You can add your Paytm link in the description and you can request people to donate some money to you.

Paid Membership When you will to get a lot of subscribers then you can ask your viewers that if you want to see my special video than you can become a member of my channel by giving me this much amount 

These were some of the ways to make money from youtube but if you want to explore each of them in detail then you can visit this article.

Initial Investment: Not Required

Time Investment: 1 to 3 hours per day 

Expected Returns after 1 year: Rs 0 to 1,00,000/month (depending on your viewers and subscribers 

Equipment needed: Nice Camera, Mike, lighting, Headphones, etc ( you can also make the video even with your Smartphone)

Play Online Tournaments

If you don’t want to upload your video on Youtube or any other platform because of any reason then here is our 2nd way to make money from playing Pubg and that is playing online tournaments.

There are many platforms available where you can earn money just by playing the online tournament of Pubg some of these platforms are Playerzone, Pubg battle earn and Battle India.

These platforms pay you based on your kill and for chicken dinner and you have to connect your Pubg account to these apps by filling your email, username in Pubg and your phone number.

To enrol in these tournaments you have to pay entry fees first then you can play and earn money for every kill you make in the match and for chicken dinner.

Entry fees are normally very low as Rs 20 or 30 per match and they will pay you Rs 5 to 10 per kill and the chicken dinner payout is usually 10 times higher than per kill means if the per kill payout is Rs 20 then the chicken dinner payout can be Rs 200.

I will recommend you that if you are just entered in multiplayer games like Pubg, COD then don’t go for this way to make money.

But if you can easily kill 4 to 5 players in one match then at least your entry fees can get covered and you can even earn profits and by chance, if you win the chicken dinner then you can earn a nice amount of money.

Steps to start making money from Pubg Tournaments 

  • Download Pubg tournament apps like Playerzone, Pubg Battle earn and Battle India 
  • Complete your profile by adding your Pubg username, Email address, phone number, etc. then you have to first add 20 to 30 Rupees in this app for giving entry fees.
  • Then you just have to play nice, kill as many players as you can and win the chicken dinner and get paid.
  • Then you just have to withdraw your money from the app by any online payment transaction app accepted on that tournament app.
  • When you are just starting then start with low entry fees matches obviously they will have lees payout, but you can know the skills of players on that app so that you can guess if you can go for higher entry fees matches as the players entering in that matches might have good skills.

Sell your Pubg Account

If you don’t have much time to play games for hours and hours then you can sell your Pubg account and make money from Pubg.

Yes, you can make money just by selling your Pubg account but your account should be worth it what I mean to say is you should have unlocked many items and your Rp should be high then you can earn money from your Pubg Account.

There are many platforms where you can sell your Pubg account like G2G and PlayerAuctions.

Here you just have to list your account for sale and wait for a buyer.

Obviously, as I said your account should be worthy then only someone will buy it.

Steps to sell your Pubg account 

  • First of all, check if your account is really worthy, do your account have something different, Then go for it.
  • After analyzing your account list it on G2G or PlayerAuctions and keep the price considering the market price and your account.
  • Before selling it anyone just make a video of opening your Pubg account by filling your username and password by any screen recorder so that you should share it with the buyer and you will also have a proof that this is my username and this is my password.
  • Then receive payment in your PayPal account or any other payment method accepted there 
  • Make sure that you should open an account in PayPal or any other payment transition system before listing your Pubg account as it takes 3 to 5 days to verify your account. 

Start a Blog 

Blogging, Best way to make money from Pubg

Starting a blog is a little bit hard as compared to other Ideas but you can make a lot of money from blogging and there is no limit to making money from blogging except you should know how to make money from Blogging.

You can start a blog on Gaming Asseccories or you can promote paid games etc etc. there are many niches related to gaming on which you can make a blog.

A blog is nothing but transferring your knowledge to people with a medium of writing, you can also get inspired by other gaming blogs on the internet.

You will need some Investment for starting a blog for buying Domain and Hosting and then you can start posting articles on your blog and you can monetize it after getting some traffic on your blog.

Steps to Start a Blog and make money

  • You will need to buy Hosting and Domain to start a Blog 
  • Then set up your blog on WordPress and start uploading articles 
  • You will have to learn SEO, Content Marketing and some strategies to grow your blog 
  • Then you can monetize it by Google ads, affiliate marketing, and many other ways 
  • But there are some problems in front of you before making money from a blog because it’s not a quick money method it needs some time and money for monetizing it.

Initial Investment: Rs 5000 to 10,000

Skills required: Content writing, SEO 

Time Investment: 2 to 5 hours a day 

Returns expected 1 year: Rs 0 to 20,000 depending on your niche and skills

If you are a pro player in Pubg, if you are really a good player and you can be a good team player for anyone then you can pitch some popular Gamers to take you in your team.

You have to email such players and you have to get in connect with them and you have to pitch your gaming skills, you have to show how well you can play and then request them to play some matches with them.

After that when they will upload that video on their youtube channel you will gradually become popular.

Then you can show your gaming skills individually by starting your youtube channel or uploading your videos on Instagram this can give you an initial boost for starting to make money from playing Pubg and It can also help your blog to drive more traffic.

It will not only help you to become popular but it will build your relations with many popular gamers and they can be very helpful in your journey as a Gamer.

Because they have come up over this journey and they can guide you. This is also a best way to make Money from PUBG.


These were the 5 ways to make money from playing Pubg, hope you have liked the article and if you have liked then do let us know in Comments

According to me starting a Youtube channel, Starting a blog and becoming a friend of any popular gamer these three are the best, reliable, passive income sources to make money from playing PUBG.

Even you can make your career with the help of these platforms and mediums.

And if you want to make quick money a little bit amount of money like pocket money then you can go for selling your Pubg account and playing tournaments.

These are also genuine ways to make money from Pubg but they will not earn you a lot of money and a continuous income.

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