9 steps to make money from Tik-Tok (ultimate Guide) for 2020

How to make money from Tik-Tok

Tik-Tok now is on the path of becoming the most popular app in India and it is already competing with other huge Social Media SItes like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

And especially Indian youth is just mad behind this app and that’s why today we will see how can you make money n tik tok. 

And before starting with some steps just take a look that can change your perspective of looking a tik-tok as a small app or timepass app.

Why Tik-Tok

According to the many reports, tik-tok has more than 400 Million Downloads alone in India and 119 Million active users and 41 percent of users of tik-tok are aged between 16 to 24.

So in this article, we will see how you can make money on tik-tok but the first 3 Steps are about increasing your followers and then we will see how you can make money in further 6 Steps

1. Become Consistent

Consistency is required everywhere if you want to become YouTuber or want to do anything you have to be consistent and by consistency I mean to say that you should post your videos as frequently as possible but don’t post just because you want to be consistent if you think any video is not good or it doesn’t have value in it or humor then don’t post it. Always post good and high-quality videos not just because you have to post. 

2. Participate in New Challenges and Hashtags

Participating in the community and making duet is also a great opportunity to grow your followers and views. And as I mentioned above if you are consistent then you will naturally become aware of the trend and then you can make videos likewise and your video could also go viral. 

Other than that I always see that many people don’t use hashtags correctly and you are not going to make that mistake use popular and relevant hashtags and your video will naturally get more views than before. 

If you are doing comedy, inspiration, or any other thing then find hashtags related to your videos. 

3. Be Creative and try new Things

Creativity and innovation is the best way to make your video go viral and actually people now as well see tik-tok as just for fun and comedy but if you are a active tik tok user then you may have seen a lot of videos that made with so much creativity.

So making your video different is the key to success on tik tok always try t find something no one has done before and if you are not so much creative then you should use this technique = catch the trend before that trend reaches to the peak.

There are always three stage 1st when the trend starts and it is not known to many people 2nd stage when the trend reaches the peak and now almost everyone is making videos around it 3rd when the trend starts to go down and everybody just forget it. 

Follow the trend when it is in the 1st stage when it has just started becoming viral. 

Now, let’s see how you can monetize your tik-tok account and make money from tik-tok, So let me tell you that tik tok never pays their creators for making videos and tik tok stars use other ways to make money on tik tok and today we are going to discuss those same ways which any big tik toker makes money 

4. Approach Brands

If you have a decent number of followers on tik-tok then you can surely approach some brands or if you are not comfortable with asking big brands and companies for doing promotional videos the just put your business email in bio and if any brands like your content then they can approach you. 

Until your account is very popular any brand will not approach you so it is recommended to approach brands rather than waiting for brands to approach you.

If you have never done something like that then let me just give you a glance = Just find brands which products you like or brands that are actively promoting their products on tik-tok and then go to their website or social media page and find their email and then you can write an email and if they liked your offer then you are super lucky and if you really want to make money from tik tok then you have to approach as many brands as possible because some of them will accept your offer and many of them will reject it if you are a small creator.  

5. Events

If you have a good amount of followers then this method can work for you. there are many creators on tik-tok or Youtube who go to events and perform or give a speech or conduct workshops.

So if you think that you can perform well at events or if you can teach your audience a new thing in event and if you think that for watching you your audience will pay money then you must start going to events and conducting workshops to give a motivational Speech or to perform. 

6. Tik-Tok Live

Tik tok has recently launched this feature and here you can go live like on youtube and as on youtube live, your subscribers can give you super chat likewise tik-tok has also launched there new feature tik tok live here you can go live and if your audience liked that video then they can give you tik tok Coins and you must be wondering that what is tik tok Coins then just see the below table. So it is also a good way to make money but I can’t say how much you can earn from tik-tok live because it is not much popular in India. But in the future we can assume that it can also make you a good amount of money. 

7. Grow other channels

Tik-Tok officially has not given its creator any method to make money so you can just gain more and more subscribers or followers on other sites with the help of tik-tok where you can make money like youtube, Instagram, and Facebook. 

You can also see many huge tik-tokers starting their youtube channel because youtube is also a major player in this race and they pay creator by ads.

So even if you don’t have millions of followers then also you can drive more and more people to youtube and there you can make a lot of money and at the last, it is just about making a decent amount of money not about the platform. 

8. Cross Promotion

As I said earlier if you have collected a profound knowledge on any particular topic then you can write a book on that topic likewise you can also start tutoring business if you have a good command in any particular topic.

There are many Online platforms like  udemy, coursera  and many more where you can start instructing students, you can also start offline tutoring.

For starting Tutoring Business you just need good communication skills and skill to explain complicated things simply and easily and a little bit of Investment. 

Youtube can also be a great platform if you want to instruct or teach something. There is a lot of knowledge seeking people on youtube who can support and appreciate you for your work, but the exception is that you should be good at your work.

Even I have earlier discussed about starting a Youtube channel and making money out of it because it is one of the great ways to make money Online.

This is one of the best Business Ideas for the people who love reading books.

9. Start your merchandise or any business and grow it with the help of your Followers.

Starting merchandise or your product line is the biggest opportunity for anyone who has a decent number of followers on tik-tok or on youtube or anywhere.

Because now you have something to sell you don’t have to request brands for making promotional videos.

If you know Kylie Jenner then you might know that she has done the same thing, she was very popular from starting of her career. 

Then she just created a brand with the help of her followers and now he is the youngest billionaire and do you know if we convert 1 Billion USD into INR then how much it is. 

It is approx 7000 crore it’s a really huge number and she has reached to his just with the help of her followers on Instagram and her beauty and her quite good products. 


So, I hope that you have got something valuable that you are searching for in this article and if you find something unique or helpful then please let me know in the comments and also share your thoughts on more ways to make money from tik-tok and the future of tik-tok. 

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