How to make money from your car | Practical Ways

To buy a car is very fascinating but it’s maintenance cost is very high for most of the people therefore here are some Business Idea to make money from your car. 

If you don’t use your car frequently then you can make a decent amount of money from some smart Business Ideas.

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So if you are not using your car frequently and if maintaning your car is becoming harder and harder for you then here are some ways to make money from your car.

1. Rent your car

You can rent out your car to today’s unicorn startups Ola and Uber on monthly basis.

By renting out your car to this cabs companies you car start business with them almost without a investment because you already have a car.

These two taxi giants, Ola and UBER, are becoming very popular and can be found in most of the huge cities and developing cities.

So there is nothing to worry to rent your cars in ola or uber as in India a car is just not a car but it’s become a family member and to give it to anyone for almost 1 month is very hard disicion.

Basic requirement to attach your car to ola and uber

  • You can attach a new car or a used car as long as it is in good condition.
  • You can drive the cab yourself or hire a driver who has a commercial license.
  • You need an ID proof, Police Verification, PAN card, Aadhar card, Bank Statement or Driving License.
  • You also need to open a current account for all the transactions.
  • You need to apply for Income Tax and Service Tax registrations as it is mandatory to proceed and work with the cab companies.
  • To register yourself with either Ola or UBER, you need to contact them. Their contact details will be given below.
  • Ola and UBER have opened local offices in all the cities where they operate in.
  • To attach your car with the cab companies, you can either contact your nearest regional office, or you can directly contact their main office
  • After finishing your registration, you will get a representative from the cab company who will inspect your car.
  • The local office will also provide all details, necessary guidelines and other things to get you started.

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2. Wrap your car in Ads

If you don’t liked renting your car to make money from your car then you would be using your car daily or very frequently so for you here is the another way to earn money from your car.

If you didn’t mind if your car look like a moving hoarding then you can wrap your car in Ads and you can get paid on how much you drive your car in a day and size of the car.

As you know, the more advertisement a company receives, the more business they will likely end up with.

How you can get paid for wrapping your car in Ads

So here is basically how you can get paid to drive your car wrapped in Ads.

There are a number of  websites out there that get paid by businesses, to help them find suitable cars to advertise on.

Once you find a reputable business. They will generally ask you a number of questions, like what kind of car you drive, how often you drive, and where you do most of your driving. 

These details play a huge role for any business so answer it honestly

Think of it this way. If you want to advertise your business, do you think you would have more luck advertising in cities or in village.

After passing all their criteria you can wrap your car in their Ads to make money from your car.

3. Dropping Children to school

If you are the person who like being around children then this Idea is perfect for you.

You may have seen school buses dropping children to school from their house it’s the same, you can also drop children’s to school by your car.

Because many schools doesn’t have enough money to have school buses and many parents also doesn’t have money to pay school buses as they charge lot as money as compared to any other vehicle.

So you can meet with schools and ask for some children’s who doesn’t have enough money to pay for their buses or children’s who are not comfortable with buses as many people have vomiting problem in buses.

To get more children, you should charge them low as compared to buses.

This business Idea is very popular in India so for Indians it will be very easy to get children’s from school’s.

For starting this Business you also have to get approval from RTO department for the Children’s safety.

It’s depends state by state some may need checking some may not need.

4. Rent your car to marriage Halls and 5 star Hotels

This Business Idea is usually for those people who have Luxuries Cars 

If you have Luxuries cars then you can just contact with some Marriage Halls and 5 Star Hotels because Many Marriage Halls provide a service of Dropping newly married Couples in Luxuries Cars to their Home

5 Star Hotels also provide such service of taking people in Luxuries cars from their home and dropping them back to home if customers demand.

People ask for such service on their special occasion like Wedding Anniversary, birthday etc.

This  hotels and marriage Halls who provides such a luxuries services usually charge a very good amount of money from this people so you can get a nice amount even after a single trip or for single Day.

For this you just have to contact with hotels and Marriage Halls and you may earn a nice amount of money.

But if they are not ready then you should convince them this business idea and they will surely give you chance because they doesn’t even have to invest a penny in this Idea 

5. Rent your car in Travel agency near Tourist Place

Usually travel agencies doesn’t  buy cars on rent but in all tourists places their are some local travel agency which provides you car or bike to visit all the tourist places situated at that place.

Usually they charge on per day or per km as per their local rules and their rates are very high as they are providing  this service  in tourist places.

If you have a good condition car or bike then you can easily rent your car or bike to them.

You just have to contact with them and you have to convince them to buy your car on rent for their Business 

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