How to make money from Youtube in India -10 ways

How to make money from youtube in india

There is a lot of potential to make money from youtube in India many youtubers have many subscribers, but many of them didn’t know how to monetize their channel properly,

Therefore here are 10 ways to make money from youtube in india  

Why should we learn to earn money from youtube in India?

In this Digital world social media is becoming more power day by day, so it is very important to have a presence on this social media platforms to be a part of this digital world.

As well as Youtube is second largest search engine in the world hence it has a huge potential, and today it has became a platform to earn money for people 

but  people don’t know  How to earn money from youtube hence today we are going to read

10 ways to make money from youtube in India

Before reading all the strategies to earn from your Youtube channel, keep in mind that all these methods will not work for your channel or may be work, but you have to choose the right methods which will suit your channel and your videos.

1. Google adsense

2nd idea to make money from youtube in india

Youtube was not made by google, but by watching youtube’s growth google acquired Youtube and because of that youtube has a monetization of google adsense.

Google adsense shows ads that are related to your videos and you get paid, you have to just create a google adsense account and get the approval.

But as many people are starting their youtube channel. they had decided the criteria that your videos should be viewed for more than 4,000 hours in a year to get the approval of google adsense to monetize your channel.

This is a very popular and easy way to monetize your channel. You can easily get approval of google adsense and can make a decent amount of money from it.

Google adsense money can vary as per your audience and CPC rate if you have American audience then your CPC rate will be very high but it differ country by country.

This is the easiest way to make money from Youtube and you can easily get adsense approval 

2. Affiliate marketing

Affiliate Markeing

Affiliate marketing is one of the most used methods when it comes to earn money from Youtube.

Just make a affiliate account of amazon or any e-commerce company, then choose a product related to your youtube channel 

Then promote it in your videos or reviews, compare that product and give the link to buy that product in the description.

You will get commission between 2-10% on per sale of that product.

If you want to know more about Affiliate Marketing you can Click Here

This is very profitable and easy way to make money from youtube in India many youtubers use to as a 2 income source.

3.Premium Membership

You must have noticed that if you watch a video of any popular youtuber you may be see a join button, this means that if you liked his content then you can pay him and can get access to his premium content.

You can also do that, if you have more than 50,000 subscribers if you had then you just have to add that function in your channel.

Every youtuber having more then 50,000 subscriber uses this feature to make money from youtube in India.

4. Paid Promotion

promotinbg other's product for money

You might have seen some youtuber promoting any brand or product you have to do the same if you have a nice count of subscriber then you can get money from brand for promoting their product.

Just reach-out to the brand by  joining  promotional networks where you can see a lot of brand promoting their product you can choose a good brand out of them and request them to promote your product many times brands automatically e-mail or contact you for promotion if you have many subscribers.

For example- If you had a technical channel you can promote mobile brand or  mobile accessories and many more.

Allmost every big youtuber uses this Idea to make money from youtube in India.

5. Selling Online Courses

Sell online course

If you have a professional skill like app development, web development or graphic designing or any other skill you can make a full detailed course on that skill and sell it to your youtube audience.

You can also sell this courses on the platforms like udemy,Lynda etc.

This is a very convenient way to make money because you have to just make a course one time and people can buy that course even after some years.

6. Collaborating with other Youtubers

I know that collaborating with other youtubers doesn’t make you direct money but if you collaborate with anyone and made a nice video and published on your both youtube channel then you can see a sudden rise in your subscriber.

After that you will get more views and can make more many from Ads. 

7. Donation

You might have seen many gaming channel asking for donation when they go live in the video they give their paytm number or paypal Id so that if you liked their video you can donate them some money and your comment also get highlighted while they are live.


It is not very common method but you can make a nice amount of money through it, if you used this method correctly.

8. Providing Services

If you are expert in some thing and you have a local or offline service of that thing then you can provide that service online as well.

For example- If you are web developer, app developer or a trainer you can get client from  youtube like if some is very impress from your tutorial on youtube 

Then he can give you a project to make a app or website or you give a offline training for completing the project you can get a good amount of money.

You can grow your business rapidly  by using your audience on youtube 

9. Creating Podcast

Podcast are currently not very famous in countries like India, but it is very popular in America.

So while making a videos you can also make a podcast its very easy to make a podcast you can also sign up to sites like buzzsprout.

If you are living in India and your main audience is from India then you should also start making podcast because some time later podcast will also became popular in India.

Podcast are also monetize by Ads.

10. Social Media

Social Media Markeing

I know that social media should not included in this post, but youtube is also a part of social media, so if you have a channel on youtube you should also have other social media ID with that name.

In youtube you can’t talk to any of your subscriber personally, but you can do it on other social media platforms and this will also increase the trust between you and your audience.

So you should be present on everywhere like Youtube, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter etc. and you can earn a additional income from here as well. You can also get many subscriber from social media.

All the things mentioned in this post are really effective.

“ The money you have earn is just the by-product of the sweat that you have burnt ”

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