13 ways to make money in India

13 ways to make money in India (2020)-Proven ways

13 ways to make money in India

 There are several ways to make money in India but making money is not the problem. You can easily make money for your stomach but if you want to fulfill your wishes and dreams.

Then you have to make some more money or side income so we have made a list of 13 ways to make money so that you can fulfill your needs and dreams.

You may have come across some articles that Tell you how to make money, but many of them don’t work in Real world.

So, here are 13 most genuine, profitable and beneficial ways to make money, But as I said these ideas are not like some fast money making scheme.

You have to invest some time and money to make money out of these ideas 

So, let’s start with our list 13 ways to make money in India

1. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Markeing

Affiliate marketing is one of the most profitable and beneficial way to make money from Online. There are many affiliate marketing websites available for you to make money like Commission Junction, ShareASale, Clickbank etc.

In affiliate marketing you have to generate a lead and if this lead will convert into sell then you can earn commission, percentage of commission depends on your affiliate program and product.

You can easily earn 2 to 40 percent of commission on many products and many affiliate programs.

How to start it:

  •       Register as an affiliate on websites like Amazon, Clickbank, Commission Junction and share a Sale 
  •       Choose a product according to your interest because you have to provide some information about that product to your customer to convince him to buy your product 
  •       You have to use some platforms like facebook, Instagram or website to promote your product.
  •       Starting a website is a best option if you want to earn from affiliate Marketing and besides that there are several ways to make money from a website.

2. Become a freelancer


If you are expert in graphic Designing, Copywriting, data entry, SEO, Web developing and such jobs then you can easily register on websites like upwork.com, freelancer.in and Fiverr.com.

These are Freelancing Websites where you can easily work on such projects, for more details you can visit on these websites.

Freelancers make money by charging on an hourly basis on short term projects, you can get several projects on a freelancing website.

How to do it:

  •       First register as a freelancer on freelancing Websites like upwork.com, freelancer.in and Fiverr.com.
  •       Start Bidding on projects you can do 
  •       Bid less amount at starting then increase your rates

3. Blogging

Blogging, Best way to make money from Pubg

Blogging is one of the most popular ways to make money online and it’s also very beneficial if you take it   as your part time job in starting and then converting into a full time business

If you have interest in writing and spreading your thoughts and knowledge with everyone to help them.

What is blogging?

Blogging is a way to spread your knowledge with everyone on the internet in the form of text and you can monetize your blog in several ways.

How to start blogging

  1. you have to learn what is blogging and how to do it
  2. You have to purchase domain name and hosting
  3.  then selected topic of your interest and start writing about make sure that your domain name should include your topic name
  4.   After starting your own blog you can monetize it in several ways like Google AdSense, Affiliate Marketing and Sponsored post. You can also visit this article for more information regarding monetizing your blog.

4. Youtube

Youtube Channel one of the best business Ideas for beginners

YouTube is also one of the most popular ways to make money online 9 because it doesn’t need any investment for making money and even it is very easy to start a YouTube channel.

You just have to upload videos that can add value in the life of your audience 

How to start it?

  •  Think about which topic interest you and what should be your channel name
  •  Then start your YouTube channel if you didn’t know how to make a YouTube channel then you can easily watch some tutorials on YouTube
  •  The main source of income from YouTube is Google AdSense and sponsored video but if you want to you go and detail on monetizing your YouTube channel then read this article

5. E commerce store

E commerce

 E-Commerce is the same as Amazon and Flipkart or eBay. The difference is just that they are big brands and you are not.

This business idea is a little bit time consuming so you can hardly do it as a side business but if you will focus just on one product or one category then you can earn a nice amount of money.

How to start E-Commerce Store

  • You can start your E-Commerce Store with the help of shopify or WordPress Without any coding knowledge
  •  Then select your niche in which you are going to make Ecommerce store 
  •  Purchase a domain name and hosting 
  • Then make your website and start selling products 

Click here to know more about starting a E-Commerce Store

6. Online Tutoring

Tutoring one of the best way to make money during Coronavirus lockdown

Online tutoring Can be a great option for you to make money online if you have good communication skills.

You just have to know your interest and expertise in any field then there are many platforms available for you to start your career as a Online tutor

You can use platforms like Udemy, coursera, unacademy to become an Online instructor. You can also use youtube for teaching online.

 You can visit these websites for more detailed information on which type of course you can sell on these websites and how much you can set your course fees.

You can also visit a full guide on How to become an Online Instructor.

7. Become Web developer and designer

Web Developer

There is a high demand for Web Developer and Web designer in the market, if you have knowledge in coding and web designing then you can easily start your business.

But if you are new to this field then you have to learn coding and web designing or you can also hire a Web developer and Web designer.

In both the cases you just have to search Clients who need your support to start their website or App. 

You can also search for more projects or clients on freelancing websites like Udemy, coursera and unacademy

If you are not interested in starting your own business then you find jobs on websites like Naukri.com and indeed.com

8. Meesho

Make Money with Meesho from Home Today

Meesho is India’s biggest reselling app founded by IIT Delhi graduates Vidit Aatrey and Sanjeev Barnwal in 2015. 

You can sell products listed on Meesho by using social media platforms like facebook, whatsapp and instagram. 

You just have to share images of your product to your customers and if they want to buy that product then add your margins on the price of the product and sell to your customer.

You can also read this article to know in detail about how to earn from Meesho.

9. Invest in stock market

Invest in Stock Market

Many people think that the stock market is a gambling game but it is not, if you will study it then it is a very good way to make money in the long term.

There are many examples of successful people who are earning billions from the stock market, this proves that the stock market is not a Gambling game, you can learn it and anything that can be learned cannot be a Gambling game.

There are many courses available for you to learn how to invest in the stock market and you can also learn it from Youtube.

But I will recommend you to learn from a professional teacher or paid course, because there is some risk in the stock market and you can lose money if you invest without proper knowledge.

It is even made simple for people like you and me to invest in the stock market with the help of the internet.

So, take proper knowledge and guidance from someone who is expert in stock market and then start investing in stocks.

10. Become Videographer

As there has been a huge increase in the number of youtubers and tik tokers in past few years, you can see a high demand for videographers in the market as they need a videographer to shoot their video.

There are several courses available for you to start your career in this field, you can also learn video editing so that you can have a competitive advantage in compared to other videographers.

You can also read this article How to become videographer

If you are looking for a stable job in this field then you can easily get somewhere around 15,000 to 50,000 according to your skills and location.

11. Social Media Manager

Social Media Manager

Social Media Manager is a mediator between a brand and their audience present on social media, and they help brands to grow on social media and to reach more people through social media platforms.

As a social Media Marketer you should know how you can grow any brand socially, you should know some techniques to grow their followers on social media.

This is not like a full time job, so you can handle many clients at one time, for becoming a social media Manager you should enroll for a Digital Marketing course or Social Media Marketing course.

These courses are usually of 2 to 6 months and after getting some internship or experience in this field you can charge 10,000 to 20,000 from one client.

12. Career coach

If you are an expert in finding out someone’s passion or interest in something or you know which career option should be best for someone or if you can guide someone to find their passion.

Then becoming a career coach is one of the best ways for you to make money. You can perform seminars in school and colleges to guide students to choose Good career option for themselves.

You can start this business without any investment. You Should just have the talent to guide students.

You can also start a YouTube channel and online course for students to know their passion, interest and hidden talent in themselves

13. Insurance Agent

Selling insurance is the only business where you can earn a Commission from a single person for a lifetime.

How to become Life Insurance seller:

You can go to your nearest Insurance office of your chosen company and talk with them to understand the minute details and the earning potential by selling their insurance.

 You can also visit their official website and apply online, you can also contact them with the provided phone number or email address on the website

After completing all the process they will give you training awesome days or weeks then you just have to sell their insurance and make money

Last words

These were 13 ways to make money in India. I hope that this article was helpful for you, if you know some more real moneymaking ideas then do let us know in the comments.

If you are really interested in starting a business then make sure that you read this article on step by step guide on how to start your business in India. 

And let us know in the comments which Business you are doing so that we can help you.

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