21 Ms Dhoni Quotes

Ms Dhoni Quotes: 21 Quotes to follow your Dreams

Ms Dhoni Quotes: 21 Quotes to Light Up Your Life

21 Ms Dhoni Quotes

Ms Dhoni Introduction

Today we are going to read legend Ms Dhoni Quotes to get inspired by such a great Indian personality.

we have many great players in Indian Cricket team but Dhoni is one of the most precious player we have ever got so today we are looking to Ms dhoni Quotes and thoughts.

Ms Dhoni is one of the most popular cricketers, honorary Lieutenant Colonel, and one of the most successful cricket captains in the world.

He was born in Jharkhand and was passionate about sports and played shuttle badminton, football and cricket during his school and college life. 

Today we are going to read legend Ms Dhoni Quotes to get inspired by such a great Indian personality. 

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21 Ms Dhoni Quotes

  • “Forget Fear, Do Something Different.” ― Mahendra Singh Dhoni

भुला दे डर कुछ अलग कर


  • I live in the present with an eye on the future.

  • “If you don’t really have a dream, you can’t really push yourself; you don’t really know what the target is.” ― Mahendra Singh Dhoni

  • “It’s important to learn and not repeat the same mistakes. What’s done is done.” ― Mahendra Singh Dhoni

  • “I want people to remember me as a Good Person, Not as a Good Cricketer.” ― M.S. Dhoni

  • “Life may have its bad days which leave you feeling demotivated, But don’t you worry!” Always Remember That: “PICTURE ABHI BAAKI HAI MERE DOST” ― MS Dhoni

  • “I am always the one who is responsible for anything bad that happens in Indian cricket. Everything that happens is because of me.” ― Mahendra Singh Dhoni

  • “I have three dogs at home. Even after losing a series or winning a series, they treat me the same way.” ― MS Dhoni

  • “I Don’t Mind Repeating Everything.” ― M.S. Dhoni

  • “You die, you die. You don’t see which is the better way to die.” ― Mahendra Singh Dhoni

  • “I never allow myself to be pressured.” ― MS Dhoni 

  • You always need to be focussed on the task at hand. Just a week before the 2015 World Cup started, Dhoni’s firstborn kid, a daughter named Ziva, was born. He was asked if that was playing on his mind.-

―“No I am on National duty everything else can wait” ― MS Dhoni

  • Dhoni doesn’t give up midway. Halfway through a series, he was asked if India were beaten already. 

―Till the fullstop doesn’t comes the sentence is not complete. ― MS Dhoni

  • “Self-confidence has always been one of my good qualities. I am always very confident. It is in my nature to be confident, to be aggressive. And it applies in my batting as well as wicketkeeping.” ― MS Dhoni Quotes

  • “Without any Motion or Movement, There is no Life.” ― MS Dhoni

  • “I don’t study cricket too much. Whatever I have learned or experienced is through cricket I’ve played on the field, and whatever little I have watched.” ― Mahendra Singh Dhoni

  • “Maybe because I bat aggressively and go for big hits at times, people tend to remember my batting. But I have always done well as a stumper, too.” ― Mahendra Singh Dhoni Quotes

  • “I Don’t Mind Repeating Everything.” ― M.S. Dhoni