"Blogging Masterclass: Build your Successful Blog"

Learn step by step process to create a Succesful Blog, and live a life of your dream and avoid the pain of failing in blogging.

What is Blogging? and Why you should start it?

Blogging is a way to share your knowledge, expertise, ideas or views about any particular topic, it’s same like youtube you can teach whatever you are expert at, to people who are searching for it on Google. 

Blogging is one of the Best and Most Powerful ways to make Money Online, So at least I don’t want you to miss this opportunity and that’s why you should start Blogging.

Why you Need this Course?

Many people start Blogging by looking at it’s potential but they don’t learn to blog properly and take wrong steps and eventually they fail and that’s where this course helps you This course is like a Roadmap for your Success. 

In this course, you’ll learn everything one by one about blogging and I will guide you through each and every steps and you’ll surely become a Successful Blogger.

What you'll Learn

Course Path

  • CWEB – Introduction to Blogging
  • CWEB – How to Choose a Niche
  • CWEB – WordPress Dashboard Explain 
  • CWEB – Creating an Actual website 
  • CWEB – How to use Elementor 
  • CWEB – Most important Plugin 
  • CWEB – How to submit site to Search Console and Google Analytics 
  • CWEB – How to create Images and compress them 
  • KDR – Best tools for Keyword Research 
  • KDR – How to do Keyword Research for Free 
  • CON – How to write content 
  • CON – How to write content Fast 
  • CON – How to find new content Ideas 
  • CON – How to avoid Grammatical Mistakes and Spelling Mistakes 
  • SEO – What is SEO and How does google ranking Works 
  • SEO – 2 types of SEO
  • SEO – Blog post SEO Optimization
  • SEO – Six Basic SEO Factors 
  • SEO – Six ways to get Backlinks 
  • SEO – Guest Posting 
  • TRAFFIC – How to promote Articles 
  • TRAFFIC – Organic traffic Strategy
  • EM – Importance of Email Marketing 
  • EM – Create account and forms and landing page 
  • EM – How to send Bulk Images and segmentation and targeting 
  • GA – Google search Ads 
  • GA – Youtube ads 
  • EN – Six ways to earn from a Blog 
  • EN – Tips to get approved on Google Adsense 
  • EN – How to create Google Adsense Account 
  • EN – Affiliate Marketing 
  • EN – How to join Amazon Affiliate 

Yes! I'm ready to Become Successful Blogger

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