19 Part time Business Ideas you can Start Today in (2020)

Part time Business Ideas

If you have a full time job or you are a student and you are looking for best Business Ideas to make money then here are 19 Part time Business Ideas for 2020.

1. Fruit and Herbal juice seller

fruit juice seller one of the best Business Ideas for part timers

Some days earlier I decided to go jogging every early morning and I started following it and in those 4 to 5 days,

I noticed that two people have started a juice shop and they were selling juice to people who are coming for jogging in that park.
And I saw that many people were buying it because that juice was healthy for their health and all of them who are jogging every day are health conscious.

So I decided that this can be a good Business Ideas for part-time as you don’t have to sell juice for the whole day, you just have to sell it in the morning and afterwards, you can do your work.

Read this article for step by step guidance on how to start Juice Business

2. Photographer

videographer, one of the best part time Business Ideas

Photography is one of the most profitable hobbies if you want to make a side income as a Part-timer.

You just need to have a nice camera and skills to click good pictures then you can just need to find clients. 

If you don’t have any time to particularly go to any place and shoot your client’s wedding or Birthday photos then You can sell images clicked by you on websites like Shutterstock and Adobestocks.

You can also start your website where you can teach how to click nice photos or where you can sell your images or you can also write articles on best cameras and lenses. 

3. Investing

Invest in Stock Market

Investing is one of the most reliable, profitable and sustainable passive income sources for part-timers in the long run.

And every entrepreneur is starting investing in stocks, bonds, and Mutual funds. So you can imagine how profitable business ideas it is and even one of the richest people in the world is Investor.

Yes, I’m talking about warren buffet, he is the king of Investing and you can also start Investing from today itself by opening your Demat account on trading apps like Upstocks.

It’s very simple to start investing in today’s digital world with the help of the internet you just need to give your identity proof and pan card detail on this app and you can open your Demat account for free.

This is one of the best part-time Business Ideas and the best way to make money

4. Buy used products and sell them

Sell used products

It is one of the traditional ways to make money and you can also free up some space in your house.

Sell out those products which are kept as junk in your house Online on websites like OLX and Quickr.

To make more money you can buy used products and after some modification, you can sell those products at a much higher price compared to the price in which you have bought those products. 

5. Videographer


Due to the rapid increase in Internet users in the last few years, the number of YouTubers has increased drastically.

Therefore, there is a huge demand for videographers in the market.

Even many big tik tokers are hiring videographers to make their videos and this market is becoming larger day by day.

So if you have learned videography then this is a great opportunity to make money.

And the best thing is that YouTubers and tik tokers don’t need videographers the whole day they just have to shoot a video of some minutes.

6. Consultant

Everyone is good at something so you can easily become a consultant and if you think you are not good at anything then you analyze last your five to ten years and think what you have done in those years.

You might be an expert in anything and if you have found it then start a consulting service.

7. Freelancing


Becoming is a freelancer is our next Business Ideas for part-timers, Freelancers work on small projects like writing an article, making a logo, designing a website, data entry, etc

These freelancers get paid on an hourly basis and to make money as a freelancer doesn’t need any expertise, but Yes of course if you want to make some more money out of it then you have to learn some skills.

To become a freelancer you have to register yourself as a freelancer on websites like FiverrFreelancer.com, and upwork.com.

Then you can bid on any particular project to get that project and after completing your project you will be paid.

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8. Become Uber Driver (Cab Driver)

Cab driver

If you love to drive your car and go on a long drive then you can surely become an Uber driver. You just need your Identity proof, car Licence and you can become an Uber or Ola Driver.

 For more information you can visit local offices of cab services to become a Ula or Uber driver, if you didn’t have that much time then you can also rent your car to those cab companies and if you are interested in making money from your car then visit this article.

9. Write a Ebook

Writing an Ebook is one of the jobs that looks simple but it’s not and because it is not very simple the competition is very less in this niche.

If you have a piece of good knowledge in a specific topic then you can easily write an Ebook on that topic and sell it on amazon. Now here marketing plays a very big role.

Because you are not a well-known writer or author, you have to market about yourself and your Ebook, but if you have a website or youtube channel or a huge number of followers then you can easily sell your Ebook.

10. Designer

Designing is a very vast field, you can do graphic designing, t-shirt designing, logo designing, dress designing and may more.

If you are good at any of these fields then you can register yourself as a Freelancer on freelancing websites or if you want to take big projects or jobs in this field then apply it on Naukri.com.

11. Start Youtube Channel

Youtube Channel one of the best business Ideas for beginners

Starting a youtube channel is one of the best and most popular ways to make money online and there are several ways to make money from youtube as well.

So just find the topic in which you can put a regular content and then find a good name for your channel and start your youtube channel.

You can also go on namelix.com if you are struggling to find names for your youtube channel or Business.

On this website, you just have to put your topic name and which type of name you want to have then it will show you a bunch of names for your Business and you can choose one out of them.

12. Game Developer


The gaming industry is becoming large and large due to the interest of youth in it and games are becoming more and more upgraded so, such Big companies are hiring a lot of new game developers.

So there is a high demand for a Web developer in the industry and you can easily start your career as a game developer if you have a good knowledge and skill in it.

You can also start your own company by making a team of Game developers.

13. Make audio book

Make Audio Books

There are a lot of entrepreneurs and other people who want to grow and learn something new every day and a Book is a great source of information for them, but the problem is that they don’t have that much time to read a lot of books.

So you can help those people by creating an Audiobook and selling it online or uploading it on youtube and even I have shared 9 Business Ideas for the people who love to read you can visit this article if you are one of those who love to read books.

There are a lot of opportunities for the people who love to read a lot of books and making Audiobooks is one of them and if you want to explore that please check out this article.

14. Travel vlogger

Travel vlogging is one of the best niches on youtube if you love to travel all over the world. All you need is a good quality vlogging camera a mike and some money to travel.

In this way, you can make money while going on picnics and enjoying on a trip and this niche is not even very saturated like tech and gaming. You can easily start vlogging on youtube.

You can also write about your trip and start a blog if you are interested in writing rather than showing your face.

But both of these ideas need some investment in starting after that you can monetize those both Businesses in many ways.

15. Become Insurance Agent

Becoming an Insurance agent is one of the rarest jobs which can give you a commission for your whole life. 

It’s one of the best ways to start making passive income, you just need to contact your favourite insurance company by visiting their local office or by the provided phone number on their website.

16. Become tutor 

Tutoring one of the best way to make money during Coronavirus lockdown

This is one of the best business Ideas because anyone can start it because everyone is expert in something or the other thing, just look at your past few years and analyze what you have done in those years and start tutoring those things.

Starting a youtube channel can also be the best way to spread your knowledge and to make money by part-time work.

17. SEO Expert

There are over 500 Million websites on the Internet and all of them need on-page and off-page SEO and who will help them with SEO an SEO Expert right.

So if you are an expert in SEO or even in content marketing then you can help any website owner by ranking their websites and increasing their revenue and SEO is not a short process, it’s an ongoing process.

Becoming an SEO expert and helping people to rank their website can be a great source of income for part-timers.

18. Social Media Manager

Social Media Markeing

This is our next Business Idea. A Social Media manager helps small and big businesses to improve their social presence and to reach more and more people to create their brand awareness and to sell more and more products.

If you have done a Social media marketing course or you have learned social media marketing by own then you can easily provide social media managing services to businesses.

It’s not time-consuming work so you can handle many clients at the same time.

19. Graphic Designer

Graphic designing is also one of the demanded fields due to bloggers and YouTubers. If you have this skill then you can easily start selling your designs on Online websites.

On the other hand, you can also start your websites and make a portfolio of your graphic designs and you can accept projects from any website owner or Business owners and even you can make a lot of money from websites without selling any graphic designs.

20. Selling Online course (BONUS)

Selling online course, Business Ideas for part time

Now many of you may think we didn’t have any course to sell, but I wanna tell you there is no need to have your own course to sell, you can help to sell any YouTubers or instructors to sell their course and they can give you some commission.

Even this Business Ideas will not consume a lot of time and to contact any YouTuber or Instructor on udemy or Coursera you can get their email address or phone number on their website or youtube channel.

It’s of course, that they will not reply to you by writing one email to them, you have to write some email to get their attention.

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