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Rock (Dwayne Johnson) – Keep on Fighting

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I wrestled John cena and I went in, I think it was 2013, I went in WWE Champion and we went in met life stadium.

We had a record breaking attendance which was amazing that night, we accomplishes our goal.

So, I wrestled with john cena we had 45 minutes planned for the match.

It’s non-stop go, right? So, your conditioning is tested and at that time I wasn’t full in WWE, 

I was just doing these spot matches where I was still shooting Fast and Furious 6 in London,

Had to travel in the ring get all my ring work in, travel back to shoot Fast and Furious then back WWE Raw, doing those shows.

The big built up to wrestle Mania against John.

We get to met life stadium, it’s a big night, this is it.

It’s game night, it’s Championship night for me.

45 minute match planned out,

At the 15 minute mark,


It feel something pop and like BOOM! What the fuck?

Laying there and both of us are out.

I say “Oh fuck, something’s going on.”

And I stick my hand, it was 85,000 people, right?

And I was just laid out like this, I kind of rolled over, I stocked my hand down to my trunk just to see, I wanted to make sure that there was no bone sticking out.

I said “There’s no bone sticking out?”

Something just happened.

Referee comes over and he’s like “Rock, are you alright?” and I’m like “Yeah yeah, I think I’m alright.”

I get up, I go to step and I can’t step, I can’t do this. I have to use my leg, like momentum, I have to do that.

So now in that moment, and you guys are going to have these moments, 

you probably already had them where you are in the game and you are in the thick of things and you have to make a decision, what do I have to do?

I’m going to stay in the game, I committed to the team, I committed to my team, the entire roster, right?

So, I could tell that when the referee says “are you okay?”

And I had one moment, in this moment it was a defining moment.

I could either tell him “No, I’m done.”

He gives the signal, the match is over,


“Let’s keep going.” And again, this is a little away for you guys, if you ever had this moment, I’m sure you have, if you haven’t it’s coming.

We had this decision and I said “no let’s keep going.”

I said “ How much time is left?”

He’s like “32 minutes” I’m like “Fuck, okay.”

Wrestled the whole match, I couldn’t move

I’m getting scared because I’m thinking

“Man, but what happen if I pinched something.” Like, I don’t know.

Your mind starts fucking with you in the moment, there’s 85,00 people your adrenaline is rushing, thinking “Man, what happens if I’m going to lose my leg or some shit like this.”

If I just done something to my artery.

Final move of the match, it’s his big finishing move and I remember….

I’m getting up and I’m turning like this because I have to fall into him, he’s going to hit me with his big finisher.

It’s like a massive suplex where I go over his head and he slam me down and I remember turning ….

I remember turning into john and I remember thinking to myself

“God, please don’t let this be too bad, just take care of me.”


I feel BOOM!

And I don’t know what the fuck just happened.

Now, luckily the match is over. He pinches me, one two three.

He comes to the back, I get to the back, I can’t move, now I’m getting a little nervous.

The doctors come in, I don’t know what happening here.

Get on a jet, rush home to my doctor down in florida and getting an MRI.

Find out that I’ve completely torn my adductor the top of my adductor and the top of my quad off my pelvis.

Yes, really really fucked up

What I was proud of was to walk on my own but not only that, but in this moment where the odds are against you, people are watching, the team is depending on you.

You either say “I’m done.”


This shit whatever is going on is temporary and it may fuck me at some point down the road, but I’m not going to let this opportunity go by without giving it my all.”

Hold on to that fundamental quality of faith, have faith and on the other side of your pain is something good.