Self Development Youtube channel in India – Top 9

Top 9 Self Development Youtube Channel in India

This is the list of self development Youtube channels in India, you can learn many important life lessons from this youtuber and don’t mind if I have given the wrong place for your favourite youtuber because I have made this list by considering subscribers of the channel

I am Personally  a very big fan of Sandeep Maheshwari and he also ranks first in our list with the 13 million + subscriber generally Sandeep sir post one video per week and he is not a full time Youtuber he has his own business of images

He doesn’t make video like tips and trick to deal with your problems but he focus on changing people mindset and the their vision to see this world the way we see our-self and he also believe in permanent solutions rather than temporary solutions.

According to me he is the only person with so many subscriber who had yet not monetize his channel because he thinks that if he will monetize his channel with ads then his viewers flow will be get disturbed.

I really like his mindset and vision and I am one of his subscriber who eagerly wait for his video every week 

I will highly recommend you to subscribe his channel because he is the person who had changed my life he had changed my vision 

He had contributed a lot in how I am now and where did I want to reach in future. 

I truly believe that he can make some kind of good change in your life and I can  guaranty it.

So this was our 1st Self-Development Youtube channel so let’s jump over another.

Ts madaan is 2nd on our list with more than 8 million+ subscribers it also India’s one of the most subscribed channel he is a bit older person so he had experienced all the up and downs of life so he can be your one of the greatest mentor

He is india’s most experienced motivational speaker and trainer he can help you in becoming rich, dealing with your life problems, he can motivate you, he can help you to grow personally as well as professionally 

His specialization is in Life Skills viz. Human Relations, Behaviour, Self Confidence, Positive Thinking, Emotions (Anger, Grief, Sorrow, Fear, Frustration, Boredom etc.)

I was not following him from a long time, I recently subscribed his channel about 2-3 months ago but when I watched his video first time then I was totally impressed by him.

So Ts Madaan ranks 2nd in our Self Development Youtube channel list 

So here is our 3rd Self Development Youtube channel in India, Himeesh Madaan’s Youtube channel

Himeesh madaan is the son of ts madaan and they both are motivational speaker and he had also written a book and he makes video on Positive thinking, Career, Relationships, self help, Goals and earning side income and personality development etc.

He have 4.4 million+ subscriber and he is the one of the oldest Youtuber in India he started his channel in June 7 2007.

He can be a life changing person in your life and if you want to grow, you want to develop yourself then you must follow his Youtube channel

Dr Ujjwal Patni is one of the top Indian business coach, Motivational Speaker, Corporate Trainer, keynote speaker and top Author of India. His 7 Books are published in 14 languages across 18 countries.

His mobile app ‘Ujjwal Patni’ is famous for his free audio-video motivational talks. Top motivator Dr Ujjwal Patni is an achiever of 3 Guinness world records.

He has been included in Top Ten Indian Thinkers list by MTC Global. His programs on Business success, Success Habits, Parenting, and other subjects are very popular. 

He have 4.3 million+ subscriber and he can help you in starting your new business, he makes videos on every topics related to self development and he can also help you in upgrading your business and your personally life.

So Ujjwal Patni is our 4th Self Development Youtube channel in india according to our list.

5. GIGL, Seeken, Yebook

GIGL, Yebook and Seeken this all three are audio books channel but they are not only limited to audio books but they help you by giving summaries of books by animated videos.

They also share their thought process with their subscribers these all three youtubers are great as they read so much of books and provide us summaries of the book.

Among these all GIGL is most subscribed channel with 3.3 million+ subscribers and then comes Yebook with 2.4 million+ subscriber followed with Seeken with 2.2 million+ subscribers all of them are great.

They can help you in improving your communication skill, social skills, and tips and tricks to achieve maximum in less time and they can also help you in business and to make your clear goal in life and to achieve them.

I have mixed all these three because they all provide knowledge from books so they fall in same category.

So these three channel rank  5th in our Self Development Youtube channels in India and let’s jump to 6th Youtube channel.

6. Ted talks and Josh talks

If you like to listen successful people who can inspire you motivate you if you like to watch stories of successful people then Ted talks and Josh talks are the best youtube channel you should subscribe.

Josh talks have two channel one is English channel with 1.8 million+ subscribers and second is hindi channel with 2.  Million+ subscribers 

Ted talks is the same as josh talks but they have only English channel nothing is different between josh talks and ted talks you can subscribe both of them the only difference is of subscribers Ted talks have 15.6 Million + subscribers

But I really don’t follow ted talk as much as I follow all other channels. 

Although Ted talks have many more subscribers from all theses listed channels but I believe that these both channels are running on other people’s stories.

They doesn’t have their own something unique content this is my opinion don’t take decision on these if you like to listen stories of most successful people then you can subscribe these channels.

Ted Talks and Josh both of these are a great source of successful people stories so they rank 6th in our Self Development You tube Channel list

He is the first motivational speaker who is in MLM business and he is very inspiring and motivating person with 1.8 Million+ subscribers.

Sonu Sharma is an Educator Business Consultant, A Successful Entrepreneur and one of the Best Youngest Motivational Speakers of India Today. 

As a Highly Successful Trainer, he has Trained more than One Lac People across the nation.

He works to inspire and inform people helping them to realize their true potential. 

Mr. Sonu has taken his dynamic personal message around the country. 

Mr. Sonu Sharma has been recognized as Naswiz Crown Ambassador by one of the leading Tourism Company of India.

Beside this if you like to listen our own true historical stories of Ramayana and Mahabharata then he is the best story teller and he had a great knowledge of our historical novels like Ramayana and Mahabharata and many more.

Master of Leadership Psychology, Pushkar Raj Thakur is the one of most Influential Motivational Speaker & Success Mentor in India. He has been featured in several publications such as The Times of India, Hindustan Times etc.

He trains people on Success Mindset, Influencing People, Leadership, Sales, Performance Acceleration, Wealth Creation and Life Mastery.

He recently crossed 1 million subscribers and now he have 1.1 million+ subscribers and he very young entrepreneur and he is one of the very successful man in MLM

He have little bit less subscribers then all of above these but I truly believe that his subscribers count will increase very soon 

I am personally very influenced by his personality development training and he have many paid courses on personality development and network marketing ( MLM ) 

I will highly recommend you to buy his personality development course, this course can surely improve your personality.

conclusion for Indian Channels

So these were Indian motivational speaker and self development gurus in India and you can follow them all

If you have any emotional problem which is hurting you or if you have stress or depression or any relationship problem or you want to become open minded then you must subscribe Sandeep Maheshwari. 

If you want to improve your life daily by changing small thing in your life then you should subscribe himeesh madaan and ujjwal patni, sonu sharma and pushkar raj thakur.

If you want to listen success stories then you should subscribe ted talks and josh talks.

But if you want to improve your life from all sides then you should also follow some people outside of our country so here are some most inspiring and great people from all over then world.

9. Gary Vee, Tai lopez, Dan lok

Gary Vaynerchuk is the chairman of VaynerX, a modern-day media and communications holding company and the active CEO of VaynerMedia, a full-service advertising agency servicing Fortune 100 clients across the company’s 4 locations.

Tai Lopez is an investor, partner, consultant, or advisor to over 20 multi-million dollar businesses. Through his popular book club and podcasts, Tai shares advice on how to achieve health, wealth, love, and happiness with 1.4 million people in 40 countries. 

Tai started what is now one of the world’s largest book clubs that reaches 1.4 million people in 40 countries with his “Book-Of-The-Day” free email newsletter.

 Tai recently summarized all he has learned from his mentors and compiled them into a series of ‘mentor shortcuts’ he calls, “The 67 Steps.” He also created an alternative to the traditional business school. 

This “Business Mentorship” program combines the best of self-learning with the best of a University degree without all the downsides of burdensome costs and inefficient methods.

Dan Lok is a Chinese-Canadian business magnate and global educator known for being the founder and chairman of

The world’s #1 virtual-closers network,, and 

Beyond his businesses, Mr. Lok has led several global movements to redefine modern education where he has taught individuals from 150+ countries to develop high income skills and financial confidence. 

Beyond his success in business, he was also a two time TEDx opening speaker. An international best-selling author of 12+ books. 

A member of Young Presidents Organization (YPO) – a private group of global chief executives whose companies employ 22 million people and generate 9-trillion USD in annual revenues. 

He also hosts The Dan Lok Show – a series on elite business tycoons and world-leading entrepreneurs. 

Today, Mr. Lok continues to be featured in thousands of media channels and publications every year and is widely seen as one of the top business leaders by millions around the world.

Final Conclusion

These three are best mentor business consultant and self-development trainer according to me all over the world.

I am personally very influenced by Gary vee and he is also a digital marketer so if you want to make your career in digital marketing or entrepreneurship then you should follow him as well as Dan lok and Tai lopez 

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