9 skills you can learn during [Coronavirus Lockdown] 2020

Skills to learn during Coronavirus Lockdown

1. Coding

Coding is the best skill you can learn during coronavirus lockdown

Coding is one of the most demanding skills in market because today everybody wants to develop their own app or website, and even big companies are hiring more and more developers and companies like amazon and google have given packages of 20 to 40 lakhs to many students who have learned to code. 

And besides job you can  make your own app and website and you can make lakhs and crores by making apps.

So know from where you can learn coding.

If you want to code then you can also go for a college degree in this field, but if you want to develop a great skill during lockdown without going out then you can find a lot of free courses on Udemy and Coursera

These free courses wouldn’t be sufficient if you want to create tremendous apps, I will highly recommend you to buy some paid courses as well to polish your skills and to become expert in this field

2. Digital marketing

Digital Marketing is also one of the most demanding skills, but it’s a very vast field.

So I will recommend you to focus on one of the skills in Digital Marketing which you like and then become an expert of that particular field.

As well as now competition in this field is increasing in a terrible way so if you will become an expert in a particular field then there will be more scope for you.

3. Content Writing and Content Marketing

Content writing is one of the fields in digital Marketing and after lockdown as this is going to be more popular or demanding because after lockdown everyone who has offline business will focus on taking it online.

Because if something like this happens afterward then their business will not get affected that much as it is affected now.

And if they will want to go online then they have to make a website and then they will need content writers because anyone is not interested in a blank page there should be something to read on the website.

If you didn’t know what is content writing it is just a skill of spreading your knowledge to other people through the medium of words.  

Free Content Marketing Course: by Udemy 

4. SEO Expert

you can become an Seo expert during this lockdown

As I said earlier that after lockdown every businessman will focus on taking their business online and if they want to take their business online then they will undoubtedly need a Seo expert.

So Seo can also be a great skill to learn during COVID-19 Lockdown.

These are some free Seo courses: by Udemy 

Besides courses, you can also learn Seo on youtube from Seo and Digital Marketing experts.

Even I’m learning Seo to grow my own website.

5. Photography

videographer, one of the best part time Business Ideas

If you are interested in clicking your friend’s photos or sceneries and playing with a camera setting then this time can be a great opportunity for you to learn photography.

Even now smartphones cameras are becoming a competitor for DSLRs, so you can start learning photography or clicking photos with your smartphone as well.

But if you have money or you want to buy DSLR, you can obviously do so and to make your photos more attractive you can also use photo editing Softwares like photoshop 

6. Graphic Designing

Graphic designing is easy to learn and it will not need much time to learn as the above skills will take and after lockdown, you will have one additional skill. You can also get inspired by top graphic designing companies all over the world and you can learn from them. 

As every business is shifting from offline to Online demand for Graphic designing keep on increasing.

And in Graphic Designing even a small piece of creative design has a decent price and many branded Graphic Designing companies charge from 10 to 50 Dollars just for a logo which will hardly an hour to make. 

7. Learn Public Speaking

Public Speaking is also one of the best skill you can learn during coronavirus lockdown

I think everybody should learn public speaking because it is one of the things that sperate you from others because almost all of us have a fear of public speaking, So learning how to talk in front of hundreds of people can be a great thing you can learn during the lockdown and you can start practicing it by looking in the mirror and speaking something or trying to give a speech. 

This skill will help you even if you are in any phase of life or career.

If you are an employee, student, Entrepreneur, Ceo or in any other field, this skill will surely grow you and help you in your career. 

You can also make a video of yourself talking in front of the mirror and then you can notice by listening to that video again and again where you need to improve and where you need to high or low your tone etc. 

8. Learn to cook

Cooking is one of the things we all most learn because somewhere in our life almost all of us will need to cook when will go on a long trip or abroad for studies or for anything. I just want to say that whenever you will feel hungry at that time you should be able to cook something for yourself to control your hunger.

Youtube can be the best option for you to learn cooking there are millions of videos related to cooking, you can learn each and every dish you can imagine and why not to learn from your family members and it will also help them in their work, So by wasting time on youtube you can learn from your Mom, wife, sister. So best of luck for your first dish. 

9. Learn a New Language

India is the second-largest English speaking country but then also there are millions of people who don’t speak in English. So you can also invest your time in learning a new language and rather than English there are many languages you can learn in this free time of Lockdown. 

If you love to watch movies then watch English movies and read subtitles or you can also learn on youtube there are many youtube channels to learn English. Duolingo is also a good app if you want to learn English and it is good then other apps because you can learn various languages other than English.

These are some best youtube channels to learn English 

10. How to learn fast

If you want to grow in your life and if you want to learn many things and want to achieve success then you have to learn fast and this skill is really very underrated till date, but imagine that if you contract your time of learning then you can save so much time. 

And one of the best person who can teach you to learn fast is Jim kwik, you can watch his videos on youtube to learn fast and other than that he also teaches how to become more productive and how to use your brain more efficiently 

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