Small business Ideas for Beginners

61+ Small Business Ideas for Beginners (2020): tried and tested

Small business Ideas for Beginners

If you are tired of your 9 to 5 job or if you are looking to change your career direction to follow your passion.

If you are one of those guys then I have made this article to help you with that I have made quite a big list Business Ideas that you can start full-time or Part-time.

And make your dream come true to become your own boss and starting your own Business.

1.Car Washing

Business Type: Offline

Take a small place on rent and buy some necessary thing to wash a car like a small piece of cloths, buckets, soap, pipe etc.

Start your business today and even a beginner can start this Business Ideas.

2. Start Teaching

Business Type: Online

Teach the skills or schooling studies in which you are expert, you can start your institute if you have enough money.

Or you can become a personal tutor and you don’t even have to invest money to start it.

3. Yoga Trainer

Business Type: Offline/Online

In today’s date, many youngsters are realizing the importance of fitness and Yoga in our life.

So you have to take some training of 2 to 6 months then you can start a Yoga training centre and if you know how to do Yoga then you can become a yoga trainer.

4. life Insurance seller

Business Type: Offline/Online

Selling life insurance is one of the things that give you a commission for the whole of your life so it is one of the best business Idea for beginners.

You can start selling insurance just by contacting with any life insurance company or by visiting their local offices.

5. Mobile Repairer

Business Type: Offline

For this business idea first, you have to learn how to repair mobiles and computers for 6 to 12 months.

Then you can start your business but if you have this skill then why are you waiting just start your business.

Photo Editor or video Editor

Business Type: Offline

There is a high demand for an Expert Video Editor and photo editor as there is a huge rise in the number of Youtuber in this year and according to many surveys, this will increase in next year.

 So there will a high demand for a video editor in future as well and if we talk about photo editor then today everyone wants to look like a model or actor so if you are good at editing then you are ready to go.

7. Youtube Channel

Youtube Channel one of the best business Ideas for beginners

Business Type: Online

If you have a good skill which is helpful for people and if you know in very deep of that subject or niche then there is a bright future for you on youtube.

So just start your channel today and start uploading videos and even if you don’t have any skills then also you can grow in youtube and that is why youtube is the Best Business Ideas for Beginners

8. Social Media Agency

Business Type: Online

Many small businesses make their social profiles to reach more customers but many of them don’t know how this platform works and how to grow in these platforms.

Hence, you can help them in growing there online presence and getting more customers through social media.

9. Electronics Repairing Shop

Business Type: Offline

If you have done some electrician course then you can start your business from today as well, by just buying a small shop on rent.

If you have not done then you can do such course if you are interested in Electronics and repairing

10. Fitness Trainer

Business Type: Offline

Many people who want to become fit or who want to build a body they usually have a personal fitness trainer and they help them in everything their diet, their exercise and supplements,

So if you are some of those people who have deep knowledge about our body and different exercises, calories and supplements etc.

Then you should try out this Idea and become someone’s personal Fitness trainer.

11. Taxi Service

In today’s date almost all have their own cars and if you have then just rent it out to Uber or Ola and if you don’t have a car then just become a uber or Ola car Driver

12. Digital Maketing Agency

Business Type: Online

Many small and big businesses need Digital marketing agency for creating their online presence or to make sell through social media Ads,

So here is a very big opportunity for those who have done a Digital Marketing course and if you have not done then you should do this course.

Because even this course will help you in growing your any other business even if you don’t choose this business

13. Event management Compnay

Business Type: Offline

There is a high demand for event management companies in today’s date in India.

Because India has the largest population of youth in the world and all these youth do parties, events, celebrate a birthday, and many more things where the event management company is required.

But this Business needs some investment but there is always a way and the way is you can take advance money from your customer for arranging their events.

You can also pay advance to all your business partners like catering, hall, hotels etc and after the end of the event, you will get all the money.

Then you can pay all your business partners afterwards and the remaining will be your profit.

14. Vlogger

Business Type: Online

Vlogging is one of the niches on Youtube which not yet fully explored by YouTuber very less YouTuber do vlogging.

vlogging is one of the profitable niches on youtube you just need a nice camera and shoot a video while you go on any trip or picnic.

You can also shoot your daily routine

15. Tiffin Service, Meal Service

Business Type: offline

In our generation, many of us don’t have joint family many of us are grown up by our single parents and in many houses, both husband and wife go to jobs.

There is no one to cook food for them So here is a very big opportunity for those people who have a nice taste to there hands,

So what you have to do just advertise yourself as a tiffin service provider and contact with some corporate to partner with you and give you permission to serve their employees

16. Follow Your Passion

Everyone in this world has some uniqueness everybody has something different from other

So just explore that thing search for your passion your love and when you find that just follow that and turn your passion in business.

17. Sport Coach

Sports is very important for us to maintain our health and in now a day people are realizing the importance of health.

Here is our next opportunity for business just start coaching sport in which you are perfect or expert and if you are not expert in any of the sports then let’s jump to other business Ideas

18. Event Blogging

Business Type: Online

Blogging is one of the best Business Ideas for Beginners but it has now become saturated, but if you work in a single niche then you can succeed in blogging.

So just start event Blogging, in event blogging a blogger only post articles on the coming big events and festivals so that it will don’t need to struggle in ranking and doing Seo.

If you want to earn money from blogging then read this article how to make money from Blogging

You can start blogging by buying hosting and a Domain name but this needs a small investment.

But there is also a free way to start blogging that is a blogger so just start your own blog.

Event Blogging is one of the best Business Ideas for Beginners.

19. Commission Seller

You can find many people selling their product or service on social media Youtube or anywhere

Just contact with them and make a deal with them of 20 to 40% commission and just sell their product and earn a commission.

20. E-Commerce Store

Business Type: Online

The E-commerce industry is now taking a boom but in this industry, there are very fewer margins but if you sell a unique product then there will be huge profits.

You can make your e-commerce store with any web development company in your city and start selling your unique product and earn profits

21. T-shirt Printing

You can easily get a nice t–shirt in a very cheap price just buy them in bulk and print good style on them and sell it on high prices

22. Freelancer

Freelancing is one of the best side hustle you can start to make money

Business Type: Online

If you are expert in digital marketing, data entry, graphic designing web development, game development or app development etc 

Then you can become a successful freelancer just create your profile on websites like freelancer, and and start bidding for projects and get paid on hourly or daily basis 

23. Investing

As we know warren buffet one of the richest man in the world is a great investor.

So start learning about stock market and mutual funds and start investing in stocks and sooner or later you will become expert in stock market 

After that You can earn a lot of money and then you can also teach how to invest in stock market to beginner.

24. Data Analyst

Many businesses need a data analyst to track there progress records, there sales, there reach, and many more things you can become a data analyst just by completing a small course

25. Web Development Company

Business Type: Online

If you have done coding courses and you have learn programming languages then you can start this business by just creating your team.

You can get projects from many sources like freelancer,, you can also run facebook and instagram ads to get more customers.

26. Music Instrument Teacher

Here you have to do some Music instrument playing courses and when you stated doing well then you can start teach how to play any instrument like guitar.

You can also learn composing, singing songs and lyrics ad you can get those courses in your local area or Online and after learning you can start teaching or you can also enter in Music Industry. 

27. Hair stylist

In today’s date Hair stylist get a huge amount of money, a average hair stylist earn up to 12-13$ per Hour and an expert earns more then that and if you became very expert in Hair styling then you can also enter in Film Industry. 

28. Fashion designer

Fashion designing, Hair styling, Making Music these are some creative jobs mostly they need perfection Here you don’t have to care about quantity just focus more and more on your quality you are providing to your customer and you can earn  a lot of money and Fame 

29. Affiliate marketing

Business Type: Online

Selling other brand’s product for getting commission is called Affiliate Marketing 

But it is not so much easy as I defined it in just one line there are many expensive courses on Affiliate Marketing and it is one of the Best Business you can start as a Beginner without any Investment.

You have to register as a affiliate on sites like Commission Juction, ShareASale, Clickbank and then you can sell products and earn Commission and your Commissions depend on your  product.

Normally Commission rates vary from 5% to 30%

You can also sell Product listed on by becoming affiliate of Amazon. 

30. Wedding Planner

Business Type: Online

Wedding Planning and  Event Planning are always a best business Ideas according to me but many people fail to manage such event, So if you are interested in these Ideas then you should do a small course of Hotel Management.


You can also learn Management from any running Wedding Planner and Event Planner Companies.

So that you can get a idea on how to manage such events and Functions very well and if you became expert in this then there is no limit for your income.

31. Cake Baking Shop

Business Type: Offline

To start this Idea you must have one of these two thing first thing is Skill to make a nice Cake or Second thing is Investment.

If you have a skill to make wonderful cakes then you can start this business with no doubt and if you don’t know how to make cakes then no problem i have a solution.

Many Bakery or Cake producing brands can provide you Franchise of their brand if you have investment to start a big Shop in your city and that’s the way you can start this Business Ideas even without having any skill of making cake.

32. Social Media Influencer

Business Type: Online

You may have seen many Social Media Influencers promoting or reviewing any product they promote this products for money. 

And as per their Audience or followers they are paid by many big brands and through this way they make a huge amount of money.

You can also become one of these Social Media Influencer and after that you can promote products and get paid.

Usually people think that becoming a social media Influnencer is very hard but it is not too hard.

33. Blogging

Blogging, Best way to make money from Pubg

Business Type: Online

Blogging is a best platform for the people who wants to share their knowledge with people but without showing their face.

You can earn a lot from blogging as per your skills you can also do affiliate marketing on with your blog.

So now question comes how to start blogging you can start blogging by buying hosting and a Domain name but this needs a small investment.

But there is also a free way to start blogging that is blogger so just start your blog and read this article How to make money from blogging if you don’t know how to make money from blogging

34. Podcasting

Business Type: Online

Starting a podcast is a very best Business Idea for Beginners because podcast are consumed a lot in countries like America.

But in countries like India it is still on growing stage  hence it has a great potential to grow in next few years or months.

Then bro how to make it ?

Okay Ok! I will tell you – Just record your melodious voice  with a good quality mike and share some knowledge through that podcast and upload it on websites like and earn money by ads and promotion.

35. E-book seller

Writing a e-book is not very easy but you can write it if you have deep knowledge about the subject in which you are writing and you can publish and sell this e-book.

36. Car mechanic

If you have certain skills in this business then you can easily succeed in this business and there is always a high demand for a expert car mechanic in any city.

37. Small Dairy Shop

As we all know milk products are always on high demand, Dairy industry is surprisingly very versatile and provides materials for products you might not consider.

Dairy products can be used in everything from food to beauty products and beyond, and there is not considerable expense in starting these Business.

38. Home Contractor

Usually in any business if are willing to make money then you must know how to sell anything, this is one of the most profitable skill any entrepreneur can learn.

For starting this business Idea you have to become a broker with a Real Estate Company and after that you have to just show your selling skill and technique.

You can easily get 1 to 3% commission and it’s real very huge. 

39. House Painter

this Business Idea is fully without Investment you didn’t need office employees anything just get your first customer and just start painting their house.

One doubt may arise that you may have to invest in colour to paint wall but you can ask them advance for that or even they can also provide you colours.

You just have to get paid for your skills 

40. Become a Comedian

Stress and anxiety is natural for our generation and the relief to it is comedy videos, pranks and jokes and that’s why top youtubers in world as well as in India are comedians.

You can take another example of Kapil sharma Show he is earning millions of dollar just by a show and their Show’s TRP is touching sky.

Their is hell lot of money in This Business Ideas and any Beginner can start it, if your sense of humour is good.

41. Motivational Speaker and Business Coach

If you have a public speaking skill and you can entertain by your speech to thousands of the people then this Business Idea can be great kick start to your career.

You can do events for big companies to motivate their employees and this way you can even meet many CEO and investor which can help a lot in your further career

42. Security Services

Providing security to many celebrities, singers, many big personalities is a nice Idea you must think on this.

43. Become Amazon Seller

If you are selling any product offline then you can start selling it on amazon.

If you don’t have any product then you can sell other’s product choose any profitable product buy it in bulk and start selling it on amazon.

44. Finance Consultant

As a person start earning more he start spending more that’s where a person needs a financial consultant.

It does’t necessarily need degree if you have a good knowledge then you can start consulting people about their finance. 

45. E-Commerece Seller

Starting E-commerce store in 2020 is not usually profitable but if you stick to a particular niche then there is a huge profit in E-commerce industry.

For creating a fully advance E-commerce Store you may need developers or you can start it with the help of shopify and start selling

46. Makeup Artist

As I said earlier that Hair stylist, Makeup Artist, photography these are skill based business here your product your service is everything.

It will decide your income, profit and Fame etc.

47. Photographer

Just focus on your skills and learning new skills and stock this images and earn money.

Skill is the king in this Business Idea here we can’t use any business strategy to get customers, if you are best at your work your customers will come to yo.

48. Pest Control Service

Due to increasing Pollution and garbage pest controlling has became necessary.

In this business Idea you didn’t need any extraordinary skills just do your work perfectly use good quality chemicals and slowly and gradually your business will grow.

This is one of the best Business Ideas for Beginner but you have to be expert in marketing this business.

49. Dance Instructer

Dancing is one of the most common hobby any teenager as well as of the adults and to become good at it many of us join Dance classes.

Similarly you can start your Dance classes and start teach dance. 

50. Selling Online Course

Self development is very important for any person and that’s why many of us enroll in many paid courses, 

So till date I can guess that all of you must have expertise in something.

Make a paid course on that and start selling it, marketing it, advertising it and earn money.

Don’t worry if you don’t want to waste time in making a course just go on internet and search for a nice course and start selling it for commission

51. Become Language Tutor

All of us are a good speaker in our mother tongue and we can teach anyone to speak in our language fluently.

52. Wedding Photographer

Wedding photographer gets a high payment your skill matter a lot in your income because it is a very special event for all the couples.

That’s why they will always go for expert photographer then saving some money. 

So in this Business Idea your income fully depends on your skills.

53. Digital Marketing Consultant

Every online Business needs Digital Marketer’s consultancy, they always needs a help of a Digital Marketer.

If you have done Digital marketing Course then you can start this Business Idea from Today only.

54. Domain Trading

Domain Trading is one of the money making niche of Online Marketing or Digital marketing.

In this Business Idea you have to buy a high good domain at a low price and then sell it on prices.

55. Become a Dj

You need some investment in starting this business Idea, but you can make a good living through this Business idea.

Check this article if you are interested in Djing Business

56. Stock market Consulatant

Stock market is one the best way to earn money but there is one other way to make money from this business Idea 

You can make money by consulting people on which stock they should invest and for this Business Idea you didn’t need any investment.

You should just know investing in stocks and Mutual funds

57. Writer

If you have great Imagination or if you have a great story to share with people then you can write a book.

By self publishing your book you can earn a lot of money and if your book will get famous then your others books will also get sold on high prices

58. Business Consultant

There are many up and downs in business and there is always a need in business for a person who experience.

So if you have that skill or experience then you can make a great fortune by this Business Idea.

59. career coach

There is real need of a Career coach in this world as there are so much different fields in which you can make career.

If you have a skill to identify someone’s passion or if you can help anyone to find there passion then this Business Idea will be great for you. 

60. Seo Expert

All Online Business Companies need SEO expert for ranking there website on the first page of the google so that they can make money from there website.

And in today’s date to rank a website on first page is became very hard and if you that skill of ranking any website on first page of Google.

Then it is the best Business Idea for You 

61. Start Salon

Starting a Salon is a good and profitable business Idea.

If you want to start Salon then please read this article 

62. Restaurant Business

Starting a Restaurant Business is one of the most profitable and it doesn’t even need a lot of experience, surely it will need some investment

But if you like to serve people good and Healthy food to then you can start this Business. if you don’t have a basic amount to start a restaurant then food on wheel business.

As today people are leaving fast and luxuries life they are willing to pay a little more money in exchange of a good and healthy food.

63. make money from Meesho

This business is specially for Indian, Meesho is a India’s largest reselling app you can make money from Meesho by resselling products listed on this app.

Just download Meesho app and start sharing products listed on app and when your customers want to buy that product add your commission on the products price and shipping Charges.

For more detail on how to make money from meesho click here 

64. Data Entry

If you love writing then this is the best business Idea for you. Just open an account as a freelancer on websites like, and

Then start freelancing and make money from data entry.

64. Sell your Textbook

There are many sites on internet like Olx and quickr where you can sell used products and here you can easily sell your used books.

As you may have a lot of previous years books which are not useful further.

If you are not a student then also you can sell your used items on these sites.

65. Instagram

Instagram is a one of the biggest social media sites on internet and that’s why every brand wants to attract more new customers and for that they contact with social media influencers and they pay them to promote their brand.

So if you have a lot of following then you can obiviously start promoting brands on instagram and if you don’t have many following then start increasing your following,

66. Laundry Business

As people are engaging themselves more and more towards studies, job, business etc.

They are getting less time to do their regular works. SO you can help them by opening a laundry business.

67. Build an Affiliate Marketing Niche Site

Affiliate marketing is one of the tremendously growing industry that’s the competition is increasing day by day.

And to make your affiliate marketing business profitable you have to open a niche site.

68. Buy an Existing Business

If you have a lot of money and you want to start a business the wait why are you starting a business when you can buy any existing business.

Then you don’t need to start from scratch.


This are the 61 Business Ideas for Beginners you can choose any of these Business Ideas

But don’t forget that without determination and persistent efforts you are not going to make money form these Ideas.

If you want to grow fast in life then you should learn from other mistakes, so learn from mistakes that all entrepreneur do and don’t do that.

Learn how to start business learn strategy to grow your business and comment down if you know  some great business Ideas.

Read This Article – 11 online Business Ideas you can start with low Investment 

If you are interested in this Business Ideas 

  1. Blogging
  2. Youtubing
  3. Freelancing
  4. Onilne teaching or Selling Courses
  5. Software Traning
  6. Social Media Makerter
  7. Selling on Amazon
  8. Start a Podcast
  9. Sell a Design
  10. Create Ecommerce Store
  11. Become a Web Developer 

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