Sonu Sharma Quotes:16 Most Motivational Quotes

Sonu Sharma Quotes

Sonu sharma is one of the best motivational speaker in India, he has a Youtube channel where he uploads such motivational and Inspirational content.

He is the founder of Dynamic India Group, a successful Entrepreneur, consultant and Business Coach. 

He has also written two books you can get that on Amazon or Flipkart, Surely visit his Youtube Channel to get inspired and motivated by Sonu sharma.

He is in Multi Level Marketing ( MLM ) Business. So there are a lot of things which can be learned by him. So let’s read his Quotes.


“The man who lives with the mind is not a seeker, the man who lives with determination is a seeker.” — Sonu Sharma Quotes 

“All the things of communication are for your service, you should not be their servants.” — Sonu Sharma Quotes 

“Every kite has to go to the trash can one day;But one day before that one has to touch the sky.” — Sonu Sharma Quotes 

“People who do not have goals, they have a round life.” — Sonu Sharma Quotes 

“People do not lose because of doubt, people lose based on their ability to make decisions.” — Sonu Sharma Quotes 

“Earning money is not important, to earn money what kind of man should be… it is important to be a man.” — Sonu Sharma Quotes 

“Man always earns equal to his status.” — Sonu Sharma Quotes 

“Making money and handling money are both different things.” — Sonu Sharma Quotes 

“No more money can be made by increasing time, more money can be earned by increasing value.” — Sonu Sharma Quotes 

“Good habits have to be developed .. Bad habits are formed on their own.” — Sonu Sharma Quotes 

You cannot create your own future … you can only create your own habits and that makes your future.” — Sonu Sharma Quotes 

“Success comes from doing the same things that you do not like to do.” — Sonu Sharma Quotes 

“Man should never forget his status and past, that person is always successful in life.” — Sonu Sharma Quotes 

“Your earnings can never jump above your personality.” — Sonu Sharma Quotes 

“You do not have to stop before reaching the place where you want to reach.” — Sonu Sharma Quotes 

“You do not have to stop before reaching the place where you want to reach.” — Sonu Sharma Quotes 

One of the Best Video by Sonu Sharma

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