One of the Best youtube channel to learn Digital marketing

Best Youtube channel to learn Digital marketing in 2020

1. Neil Patel

Neil Patel is one of the most famous and expert Digital Marketer in the world, he shares short tricks and tactics on his Youtube channel if you want to learn some insanely actionable ways to improve your Digital marketing skills, Then his youtube channel is best for you.

Here’s one of the famous videos on Youtube 

He was born in London and then sifted to the USA and at a very early age he used to sell some stuff to his friends and after entering into Digital marketing know he is founder and owner of some successful companies in this Feild like KISS METRIC, Crazy egg, Ubersuggest, hello bar, his personal blog also gets millions of visitors per month. 

So, know you might have got that how much experience and knowledge he has in this field. He has also worked with Huge Billion Dollar companies like Facebook and Google.

2. Backlinko = Brian Dean

Brian Dean is the founder of Backlinko which is one of the most famous and popular blogs in the Digital Marketing field. His Blogs has grown exponentially in the past few years and the most important thing is his competitors have a full army of experts and Writers, but he is just one man army fighting to rank on the first page of Google.

Here’s one of the famous videos on Youtube 

I think his youtube channel is best to learn Digital marketing because at starting almost all of us don’t have money to keep an army of a writer, we have to do all things by yourself and he is doing the same thing so his youtube channel is the Best if you want to learn Digital marketing.

Harsh Agarwal is the biggest blogger in India and his youtube channel has more than 70k Subscribers, his website gets millions of visitors per month and his Blog is considered the biggest blog in Digital marketing in India.

In June 2009 is hade a terrible accident and i=dur=e to this accident he was bedridden to almost 7 to 8 months and that’s when he started to learn and explore Digital marketing and after getting recovered he started his Blog

So if you want to learn from Indian DIgital Marketer than he is one of the best choices for you 

4. Pritam Nagrale

Pritam Nagrale just has started his Youtube channel from the past few months and his subscriber count has increased very very tremendously in those months. He just has uploaded 30 videos on Youtube and got 70k Subscriber.

His subscriber count has jumped so high because he shares a very in-depth video and as well as he shares many things which other people don’t share because of the fear or they don’t have that much deep knowledge.

 Here’s one of his famous videos on Youtube 

He started his journey as a blogger and Digital Marketer in 2009 but his first blog was a failure because he doesn’t use to like the topic he has chosen for his blog. Then after improving himself and taking a lesson from that blog, he started two new blogs and and as we speak he gets over millions of visitors on both of these blogs.

He also has one another blog and this blog also gets a lot of traffic.

5. Ahref

Many people know Ahref as a Keyword research tool but they also have their Youtube channel and Blog where they share a lot of useful and helpful content to learn DIgital Marketing.

Here’s one of their best videos 

Their youtube channel has more than 120k subscribers and their blog also get tons of visitors per month, I think this youtube channel is also a good choice if you want to learn Digital Marketing because they are a Keyword research company so they have a lot of more Data of keywords user experience and a lot of other things as compared to any other individual Blogger or Digital Marketer.

They are one of the market giants in the Keyword research niche and learning Digital marketing from them is really great.

6. Digital Pratik

Digital Pratik is a guy which mostly focus on how people think DIgital Marketing is and how it works, he is a great keynote speaker and Youtuber, If you are looking for someone who will give you a right perspective toward Digital marketing as well as success then he is one of the best and he is also a great Fan of Gary Vee.

Gary vee is also a one of the great Digital marketer but I have not listed him on this list because doesn’t give tutorials, tricks practical things like that he fully focus on the thinking and vision which is also a great thing and you can subscribe his youtube channel as well 

Coming back to Digital Pratik he has more than 48k Subscriber which can be small for some people but he has 1.3 Million+ followers on tik tok 

Sorav Jain is also one of the biggest bloggers and Digital marketers in India and his Youtube channel has more than 70k Subscribers and he also has many paid courses of Digital Marketing. 

You can access to all his paid and free courses on his websites and he has also written many Ebooks to help people to learn Digital marketing and to make money.

8. Amit Mishra and Satish

Amit Mishra is the founder of and his Youtube channel has more than 309k subscribers and on the other side Satish 297k+ subscribers. I have included both of them in the same position because both of them are famous for their Interviews with Digital Marketers and SEO experts if you want to meet and know new successful bloggers and Digital Marketers to learn from them than you should surely subscribe to both of these channels.

Amit Mishra and Satish both of those have their websites where they share all the information and experience they have achieved through their journey of becoming successful Blogger, Youtuber, and Digital marketer. 

Both of them have launched various courses to help people and you can get those courses on their website.

9. Wscubetech

Kushagra Bhatia is the owner of WScube Tech and it is a very well known Digital marketing agency in India and they provide various services like Web Development, App Development, Marketing, SEO, etc. So if you want to any of those services then you can directly call them or email them.

Besides that, he also trains people to become successful DIgital marketer. He has more than 113k subscribers on Youtube channel and he has also developed his own app where you can get all of his paid and free courses and learn DIgital marketing. 

Sahil Khanna is the owner of Intellectual Indies and he is also a very successful and great Digital marketer in India, and his youtube channel has more than 661K subscribers which is the most subscribed youtube channel in our list but the only reason I have listed him so down is just because he is now focusing more on Business techniques and new business News or strategies rather than DIgital marketing.

And he had also done an MBA So he has a good knowledge of Business as well.

Here is his one of the popular Video 

Overall he is also a great YouTuber as well as Digital Marketer and he has also launched his own app where you can get all of his videos and if you not just want to start Digital marketing but you want to make a big company and you are interested in business than he is the right person and if you want more knowledge of Business and Business Strategies than you can also subscribe to Vivek Bindra’s channel his channel is the biggest entrepreneurship channel in India.

Deepak Kanakaraju is the Digital Marketing expert, consultant, and Blogger from Bangalore and many of his followers know him as Digital Deepak. He is also one of the best DIgital marketers in India and he was fortunate enough that his first blog which was on bikes got over millions of visitors per month and he was also awarded as the biggest motorcycle bogger in India.

Later on he sold that blog and he really wanted to share his knowledge and experience with all the people who wants to become a DIgital marketer and that’s why he started new Blog on the topic of DIgital marketing where he writes in-depth articles to help people, he youtube channel has more than 59k Subscribers and his blog gets thousands of visitors per month.

He has also launched many free and paid courses to help people like you and mee and all of us can get access o those courses on his website. 


All of these are best youtubers who teach Digital Marketing. Neil Patel, Brian Dean, Pritam Nagrale and Ahrefs are my favourite Youtubers to learn Digital Marketing. 

Let me know your favourite youtubers to learn Digital marketing and thanks for reading my article. 

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